BloodRayne update

We get another look at the GameCube, PlayStation 2, and Xbox versions of Majesco's third-person action adventure.


We recently got an updated look at BloodRayne, Majesco's upcoming third-person action adventure game featuring the latest hot game babe to combat evil, Agent BloodRayne. This remarkably spry heroine is a secret agent, a vampire, and a general bringer of death to all things evil. Our previous looks at the various console versions of the game have revealed quite a bit of promise, despite the early state of the game. Our latest glimpse of it was no different, and the game featured a great deal more polish and some gameplay refinements that left us eager to see more.

The game was tightened up considerably on each of the platforms and was starting to reflect the code's exploitation of each console's strengths. The Xbox version looked the best overall, with rich color and detailed textures. The GameCube version was almost as sharp and colorful. The PlayStation 2 version trailed slightly in the visuals but certainly managed to hold its own--the most noticeable difference was the game's color palette, which was slightly darker when compared with the other versions' palettes.

In terms of gameplay, the game handled identically on all three platforms. The controls were mapped well to each of the different controllers, although using the Z button to scroll through your weapons on the GC controller took a bit of getting used to. Some tweaks had been made to the game to refine the gameplay a bit. For example, the target lock button has been removed and the HUD now features a compass to offer guidance to your objectives on a level.

As before, BloodRayne is looking quite promising. The game is starting to be polished up and seems to be a game to keep an eye on as its Halloween release date approaches. Look for more on the game soon.

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