BloodRayne, others confirmed for Playboy spread

Majesco's half-vampire will appear with several other notable female game characters in the October issue of the men's magazine.


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Playboy magazine has confirmed to CNN/Money that last week's rumor about game character BloodRayne posing topless in an October spread is--as reported--not bogus. The half-vampire vixen from the Majesco action game series will appear alongside several other female game characters in a computer-graphics spread in the October issue of the adult magazine.

The other characters that will appear in the feature are Mileena from the Mortal Kombat games, Nina from the Tekken franchise, Luba Licious from the upcoming Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude, the Kurenai from the forthcoming Red Ninja: End of Honor, and the upcoming Darkwatch's Tala.

While Majesco describes the features as "smokin' hot" and assures fans that she "does not disappoint," other publishers were eager for the exposure but unwilling to show their franchise icons in the buff, lest they offend the games' audiences. As a result, Leisure Suit Larry's party girl Luba Licious will be the only character besides BloodRayne to be less-than-fully clothed. Nevertheless, the issue will still only be available to those 18 or older when it hits newsstands in early September.

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Tell those sickos that they're stupid perverts if they actully think this is good!!!They're so SICK!!!

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How is this different from Hentai?

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Are you kiiding me..... Tell the sickos to live on a BEACH (long from Here)

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Haha Hey lil_d_mack_314, these game girls are probably more real then the ones they usually have in the mag anyway.

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I think this is pretty funny. Just another way to promote the gaming industry.

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MMMMnnnn polygons

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That's one issue I wouldn't buy.

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this is not cool

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wow.....they cant find enough REAL chicks to pose in Play Boy or somethin?