BloodRayne announced

Majesco's upcoming action game, which is in development at Terminal Reality, will let players assume the role of a female half-vampire secret agent hunting Nazis in the 1930s.


Majesco has announced BloodRayne, its upcoming action game that lets players assume the role of Agent BloodRayne, a half-vampire secret agent on a mission to hunt down and eliminate an occult faction of Nazis. The game is in development at Terminal Reality, the studio that created Nocturne, the first Blair Witch game, and the 4x4 EVO driving games. BloodRayne is scheduled for release at the end of 2002 for the Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation 2, Nintendo GameCube, and PC.

BloodRayne is set in the mid-1930s. Players must use Agent BloodRayne's supernatural skills to fight an army of unearthly ghouls trying to spread evil through the world. Her unusual skills include inhuman strength, night vision, zoom vision, incredible jumping and acrobatic skills, and slow-motion perception that lets her dodge bullets. Since she is half-vampire, Agent BloodRayne must feed on the blood of her enemies to sustain her life force.

BloodRayne is built on Terminal Reality's new Infernal game engine. The game features detailed 3D environments, scary sound and camera effects, fast-paced action from a third-person perspective, and cinematic horror sequences. We'll post more information about the game as soon as it becomes available.

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