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Bloodborne's New Patch Lets You Buy Blood Rocks


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A new update for PlayStation 4 exclusive Bloodborne has been released that, among other things, should make it easier to max out weapons in the role-playing game.

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The full Bloodborne 1.09 patch notes were posted on the game's website and are listed below. As Polygon points out, now that you can acquire the rare Blood Rocks from the game's Insight Shop, this should make it theoretically easier to max out the level of your weapons.

But, as the patch notes explain, the Blood Rocks carry something of a hefty price and not everyone will be able to get them. To get a Blood Rock from the shop, you have to trade in 60 insight, while the items will only be available to obtain through the store after players have cleared a certain point in the game.

Before this Bloodborne update, you could only obtain one Blood Rock per playthrough; you could get a second one also by playing The Old Hunters expansion.

Bloodborne 1.09 Patch Notes:

Changes to weapons

  • The strength and stamina cost for several weapons has been adjusted.

Changes to Insight Shop

  • In order to trade for the Blood stone Chuck, the necessary amount of Insight has been changed from 30 to 20.
  • Trading for the Blood Rock is now possible. 60 pieces of Insight are required.
    • A certain portion of the main game must been cleared in order to access the above.


  • Several other fixes and adjustments have been made.

What do you make of these Bloodborne changes? Let us know in the comments below!

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