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Bloodborne PSX "Demake" Is Now Available To Play For Free On PC

The grim and grueling PlayStation-exclusive looks right at home on a CRT TV.


After seven years, Bloodborne is finally available on PC... kind of. While it might not be the version of the game you were expecting to see pop up following other PlayStation exclusives making their way on to player's desktops, a fan-made "demake" of the grim and grueling PlayStation exclusive is now available to download--and it looks like a lot of fun.

Developed by Lilith Walther, Bloodborne PSX reimagines Bloodborne as a PlayStation classic--CRT TV grain and all. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this reconstruction works extremely well aesthetically, granting the 2015 horror game all the same grit and gravitas of the earliest Resident Evil or Silent Hill entries.

Based on the game's description and launch trailer, it seems like Bloodborne PSX is intended to be an extremely faithful adaptation of the original game. Players are encouraged to try out the game's "10 unique hunter weapons" and use the "Strategic Action Combat system" to vanquish foes with style, all while collecting key items and attempting to "survive the night."

While it seems Walther was intent on keeping most of Bloodborne PSX's late-game content neatly tucked away behind a fog gate, the game's first couple of baddies--Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne--make significant appearances in the trailer. From moveset to location, both encounters seem to pull directly from their original game counterparts--which is even more impressive considering the whole project was completed in just 13 months. We also are treated to glimpses of the Hunter's Dream, Yarnham's desolate streets, and what appears to be Castle Cainhusrt in the trailer.

As the project is fan-made and unaffiliated with Sony, SCEA, and From Software, Bloodborne PSX is available free of charge.

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