Bloodborne Modder Finally Opens Shortcut Door Scrapped From Final Game

A Bloodborne modder has restored the shortcut door that was intended to connect the Great Bridge to Cathedral Ward, but was scrapped due to technical issues.


A Bloodborne modder has restored one of the game's most famous mysteries: a locked door in Cathedral Ward that is marked "closed" in the final game. Bloodborne hackers have known for a long time that this door was intended to link the Cleric Beast boss area to the Cathedral Ward area just before Vicar Amelia, but it was cut from the final game due to technical issues.

Now, a Bloodborne modder who goes by Garden of Eyes has restored the door to working condition. While it might seem like a small change, it actually required a lot of work on the modder's part.

"I used some of the leftover assets to restore the shortcut door in the retail version of the game, which required modifying collisions, map files, and scripts to ensure that the regions loaded properly," the modder told Eurogamer. "I also considered what would happen if the Cleric Beast had not yet been slain, so I included a fog wall to prevent game-breaking problems."

Prolific Souls modder Lance McDonald said in response to the news that the shortcut was probably removed because of loading times. According to McDonald, the original intention of the shortcut was to surprise players who beat Father Gascoigne without discovering the Cleric Beast. Players would walk through the door and find themselves ambushed by the monstrous boss, and the fog wall would prevent them from doubling back. In the final game, the door is a static asset, though it's fairly obvious that it was once intended as an interactable object.

Despite its status as one of the most beloved games of last generation, Bloodborne is still not playable at 60 fps on an unmodified PS4. However, McDonald has released a 60fps hack for the game, which is only playable on modified PS4s. Another developer is making a PS1 "demake" of the game, and it's quite far along now.

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