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Bloodborne Exploit Found to Significantly Lower Difficulty

Video comparisons show bosses can be relatively easy to defeat if bug is implemented.

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An apparently unintentional "easy mode" has been discovered within the acclaimed PS4 exclusive Bloodborne, due to what appears to be a bug that takes advantage of the action-RPG's difficulty parameters.

Much like many games developed by the Tokyo studio From Software, Bloodborne is notorious for its merciless difficulty. But it looks like, as a means to balance its difficultly, the game appears to dynamically lower its difficulty depending on how long a player spends in the game.

Due to this, one observant Reddit user has discovered that the game enters into an unofficial "easy mode" if left running for a number of hours. The attack patterns and strategies of various foes and bosses decay over time, the user claims, to the extent that--if players wait long enough--the challenge becomes easy to overcome.

The Reddit poster, going by the online handle "Meatballz," explained: "I just tested this yesterday by turning off the PS4 power saving options and leaving Bloodborne running all night. Sure enough, when I played in the morning [one of the game's bosses] Logarius had transformed from an intense spell-casting maniac into a senile old man who did nothing but attack with his scythe over and over."

With regards to the boss Logarius, two videos appear to show key differences in its attack patterns after the game has been running for long enough.

Logarius "standard"

Logarius "easy"

GameSpot's Bloodborne review was effused with praise. Critic Kevin VanOrd wrote: "Bloodborne is rewarding to play, impressive both in how it cribs from the Souls games as well as in how it deviates from them."

Those seeking more help with the game should turn to GameSpot's Bloodborne starter guide and bosses guide.

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