Bloodborne Boss Guide: How to Beat Mergo's Wet Nurse

This caretaker is far from friendly. Here's how to take down the devious beast.

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Recommended Level: 65

Your prior experience with being on the receiving end of scythes will determine how intimidated you’ll feel during this boss fight.

Your best bet is to keep your distance and lure the Wet Nurse into gliding toward you. Assuming you have the lock-on activated, roll towards the Wet Nurse during its glide. With the right timing, you should be able to roll right through its attack. This will leave the Wet Nurse open to a series of your own melee hits, at least as much as your stamina bar is willing to allow.

Many of the Wet Nurse's attacks are easy to counter with the Regain System. Furthermore, walking toward and away from the Wet Nurse will lure it into using melee attacks, some of which will leave this boss open to a few quick hits. The one attack you should step back from is its full body uppercut. You can anticipate this attack by watching for when the Wet Nurse slowly rotates clockwise.

This is a fight that rewards assertiveness, not only because of the Regain System, but also to distract the Wet Nurse into delaying the use of its dark fog ability. Not only does the Wet Nurse become partially concealed in fog, but it also conjures an equally lethal doppelganger. This is not the time for caution. The more you attack the Wet Nurse, the sooner the fog disappears.

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Continually run to her right side. Stay on it as best you can. It makes dodging the spinning slash that hits for a ton MUCH easier. Make sure you dodge roll constantly during the clone phase. Also, upgraded tonitrus is very effective in this fight.

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Any chance of some Bloodborne articles? Seems this game is being unfairly left out on the articles front.

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All these Bloodborne articles, you guys could've just put them into one big article ya'know.