Blood Omen 2 update

Catch up on the progress of Crystal Dynamics' Blood Omen 2 and see new screenshots from the game.


As work continues at Crystal Dynamics on Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2, its publisher Eidos Interactive has released several new screenshots from the game. Blood Omen 2, once again, puts the player in the role of the vampire Kain. However, unlike in the first game, Kain will now have a wide variety of attacks and weapons at his command. He will be able to pick up weapons such as axes, massive swords, and spears and take part in some stealth-based action by hiding in the darkness and surprising his enemies. Kain will also be able to acquire a wide range of vampiric facilities, including his classic blood-sucking ability, invisibility, and the ability to glide to a soft landing. New animation routines accompany each of his new moves in the game. The same holds true for all the enemy characters in the game, whose skills are nearly as varied.

The game's story picks up 200 years following the events of the original Blood Omen. Kain awakens from his hibernation to find that his world has changed for the worse. His kin are now allied with his mortal enemy Sarafan, and Kain must reclaim his world and face his former allies. Crystal Dynamics promises a new level of interaction with non-playable characters in the game, and as such, it is creating an advanced AI system for the game.

Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2 will be released this fall. GameSpot will have more in the coming weeks.

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