Blood and Death Everywhere in Hitman: Agent 47's New Trailer

Just a few more weeks to go before Hitman: Agent 47 hits theaters.


Following the release of Pixels last month, another video game movie is coming soon in the form of Hitman: Agent 47, which hits theaters later this month. Fox on Thursday released a new trailer for the violent action film, and it is surely a sight to behold--for better or worse.

Some may argue that the trailer is too focused on action and doesn't show enough of Agent 47's intelligent, calculated side that we've come to know from the games. But this is a Hollywood trailer, after all, so it should be no surprise that it favors brawn over brains.

Agent 47 hits theaters on August 21, starring Homeland's Rupert Friend in the lead role. He replaced Fast and Furious star Paul Walker after the action star died in a car crash in 2013. The movie was directed by well-established commercials director Aleksander Bach.

Star Trek's Zachary Quinto also stars in the movie as some kind of super-human bad guy. As we see in the trailer, his character is outfitted with "subdermal body armor" that protects him even from Agent 47's close-quarter knife attacks.

The movie's story sees Agent 47 working alongside a young woman, played by Shame's Hannah Ware, as they confront Quinto's character and unravel a secret plot.

Agent 47 follows 2007's Hitman, which starred Timothy Olyphant as the murderous bald hero. The next Hitman game, meanwhile, was announced at E3 and is due out later this year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC across digital channels. A physical release will follow in 2016.

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