Blog Bunker: Pixel Perfect

New GameSpotter blogs, Soapboxers, and an Emblem Creation activity.


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Another Blog Bunker means another week of fabulous blogs brought to you by the amazing writers here at GameSpot.


-Dead Island: Know Thyself By: TechnologoDoom
-My oh minecraft By: Hellfire-1
-Secret Diary of a Girl Gamer By: Foolz3h
-Wii Games Discussion By: Aberinkulas

World of Games and Gaming

-Raging about Rage By: Setho10
-The Gears Trilogy Ends... By: PSFreak1
-Battlefield 3 Beta Impressions and Analysis By: gdw0908
-It's that time of year again! By: VideoGamerNerd
-Demo Marathon By: raven28256
-Professor Layton and The Big Bang Walking Dead Battlefield! By: AjaxNeron
-The future of Art Style Games By: bbkkristian
-Bioware Fail By: Mangaminx
-Why is it a big issue? By: gamingqueen

Off the Radar

-The Ballad Of Steve Meretzky By: Rottenwood
-Cloverfield Movie Review By: AvatarMan96
-Melancholia Review By: SaintLeonidas

Blog Bunker Tip

Shy Guys
Have a friend who writes some fabulous blogs but might be a little too shy to step forward into the spotlight? Feel free to share your friend's name with the GameSpot Community, and he or she could join the list of amazing featured blog writers!

Pixel Perfect
GameSpot Community is looking for a unique talent to craft a new blogger emblem for awesome GameSpot members who are featured in Blog Bunker. Post a blog bunker titled "Pixel Perfect" and mark it as editorial. Emblems must be 64x64 and submitted in JPG format. Please include a brief description about why you feel your emblem best represents the GameSpot blogger.

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