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Breaking News!

Chris Needs to Get PWNED!
Join us tomorrow at our Community Game night.
We will be starting at 4:00 pm PT and will be joined by the fabulous Jody Robinson, as well as Sophia Tong, Carolyn Petit, Ryan MacDonald, Justin Calvert, and, of course, your very own Chris Watters. In addition to the 100 percent club, Chris has a challenge for you. He is the holder of the viral achievement for executing an Epic Staff Member. If you can manage to execute Chris you get the "cheevo." Check out our Community Game Night page for more details.

Soap Box

-Some More Things on Indie Games By: Gelugon_baat
- Downloadable Content: The Common Day Witch Hunt By: pokecharm
-The Science of Sonic Part two By: Hyrule4EVER

Top 100

-So long, Summer….. By: Asagea_888
-I went to the Eurogamer Expo! By: AzelKosMos
-The Whistleblower - Film Review By: biggest_loser
-Drive review By: calvinsora
-Human Pursuits By: gbrading

Top 500

-Gaming Sorbet By: adam1808
-Gamer's Avalanche! By: NColdhardt
-Art Design, Detail, and Graphics, that is what I want. By: parkurtommo
-Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One Beta Impressions By: bbkkristian
-My first gaming PC and gaming background By: seanmcloughlin

Honorable Mentions

-Across the Terrain By: Hirasugi
-NTSB releases address on baleful activity access By: guomonong
-Badass Shooter Month- Frag to Brag! By: NeonNinja
-Do You Remember Love?,Macross Plus,Deadman Wonderland. By: ZanarkandTidus
-Operation Rainfall, Or Let's Crap On Nintendo For Once By: Rottenwood

Lastly, it's important to remember the Game Spot Moderation Survey, where the fate of GameSpot rests in your hands. Click here for more details.

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