Blog Bunker: Fighting Procrastination Edition

Knock, knock. Who's there? Awesome blogs!


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Time again for some great blogs by the gamers of GameSpot!


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Soap Club

-Suggestions for Improvement for Gamespot: pokecharm
-When Developers Fight, Gamers Lose: The_Game21x
-Things I DON'T want to see from Nintendo in the next generation: cronomagus36
-Augmented Reality: Is Deus Ex Racist?: Hirasugi
-Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3: A Pointless Battle: TwistedMetalFan

Greatest Game Sidekicks

-My Official All-Time Greatest Sidekick Bracket: zwgiantsfan
-Gamespot's Sidekick Contest: Rottenwood
-Minecraft/Greatest Game Sidekicks: Tee-3
-My Greatest Game SideKick Blog: bbkkristian
-All-Time Greatest Game Sidekick - Final Four Character Profile: Garrison_Ford

World of Games and Gaming

-Mega-Blog-o-Rama: AlmightyMax
-Pokemon, Gotta Catch 'Em All!: AjaxNeron
-My favorite videogame soundtracks - first draft: jamesglover101
-How to Make a Great Gun: adam1808
-Uber short, temporary reviews: calvinsora
-Dear Square-Enix: **** you!: nocoolnamejim
-Top 20 DS Games: 6 to 10: Pierst179
-Xenoblade Chronicles: First Impressions: ShadowLaguna
-The Humans are Revolting Part 2: stephenage
-My top 10 favorite Trainers in the Pokemon series: Cloud_765

Platforms and More

-Complete List of NES Ambassador Games Revealed: GeekyDad

The Insider

-**Looking for a reviewer!!!**: Bioshockraptor
-How to get a union to be successful (for leaders, officers and recruits): michaelP4

Off the Radar

-13 Assassins - Film Review: biggest_loser
-Book review: Halo - The Fall of Reach: Azghouls

Staff Fingerprints

-What You Leave Behind: RicardoT

Monday Report

Since Monday was a holiday here at the GameSpot office, the report did not go up at its standard time. However, we are still bringing you the news and goings-on for this week here.

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