Blog Bunker - Augment Edition

Blogs, blogs, and more blogs!


It's Tuesday, which means it's time to check and see what commentary, events, and general insight you GameSpotters have come up with for this week.


-Top Five Things In Video Games That Could Re-Invent The Industry - BoogieL0ve20xx
-Why I think Majora's Mask is better than Ocarina of Time - bomberfan14
-Real Money Transaction, it's real and right next door. - ff7nation
-Is Big brother coming back? - blackwingzero

World of Games and Gaming

-Gaming Old Gracefully - jamesglover101
-Iphone Game Round Up - kbaily
-Though I'm not keen on giving Capcom money these days… - MAILER_DAEMON
-Human Revolutionary - Uesugi-dono
-Beat Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core - Game progress - ZanarkandTidus
-A few PC demos - iowastate
-I've got into top 10 in Bastion ranking - Seto_Akari
-Wishlist CommitteeSuper-Poke-Bros
-The Concept Art Conundrum - yeah_write
-The Worst Items in Mario Kart Wii and Why I Hate Them - J-man45
-Epic Ordinary Blade - NeonNinja
-Indie Games Can Feel So Refreshing - and So Alienating - Gelugon_baat
-Deus Ex: Human Revolution First Impressions - andreperezpalha
-A Little Bit Of: Age of Empires Online - lim_ak
-My top 10 Gamecube games of all time - chocolate1325
-My new most anticipated game for the year 2012 - dark_being

Platforms and More

-A new PC - RK-Mara

The Insider

-Downloadable Game Recommendations - Maluigi

Off the Radar

-Book review: The Legacy of Blood (Diablo Series) - Azghouls
-Something I wanted to share. - ebbderelict
-Submarine - Film Review - biggest_loser
-Things to do before summer ends + YouTube Channel! - AjaxNeron
-How I spent my Friday afternoon. - caityful

Staff Fingerprints

-Speaking Up: Why Female Game Writers Shouldn't Be Ignored - Lozzica
-Chris and Shaun Get into the Restaurant Business - Chris_Watters
-Game of the Year candidates? - Polybren

That's all for this week. Don't forget if you have an awesome blog that you feel must be shared with your fellow GameSpotters, mark it as editorial or send a PM to GS-Community!

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