Blog Bunker: Apollo 7 Edition

Bloggers blogging: This week's Soap Club features starduke, FrozenLiquid, and poochythegenius.


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The Soap Club

Here, we see some quality blogs written by those who thought their stuff was "editorial" material. And they were right!
I'm not a hardcore gamer By: starduke
A Tribute to Game Reviewers By: FrozenLiquid
Fall of an MMO By: poochythegenius

The World of Games and Gaming

5 Reasons why Batman: Arkham City will rock! By: PSFreak1
The Art of Finishing a Game By: scratchisme
Super Update By: Super-Poke-Bros
BioWare Breaks the Camel's Back By: adam1808
Demo Reel By: NeonNinja
A Brief History of Everything By: AlmightyMax
Catherine first impressions+Xenoblade Chronicles progress By: ZanarkandTidus
Dark Souls: Newbie tips from a newbie By: Sebadonut
Late September 2011 Blog - The Gaming Side By: Shy_Guy_Red
Techno Kitten is hungry for your love By: kfjl
Top 10 Third Party Wii Games (Yes they exist) By: kbaily
GameSpot's Top Posters - October 2011 By: Cloud_765
Early Dark Souls thoughts By: nocoolnamejim

Off the Radar

The Smurfs Movie Review By: AvatarMan96
Red State - Film Review By: biggest_loser

Staff Fingerprints

Here, we have our staff fingerprints, and we sure have some messy staff members…
Bluffers of Battlefield - Feedback Post By: dannyodwyer

Pixel Perfect Voting

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