BlizzCon 2017 Announcements And News: New Overwatch Character, WoW Classic, Hearthstone, And More

Below you can a list of the biggest news and announcements from Blizzard's big yearly convention.

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This year's BlizzCon has finally arrived, which means there's a multitude of news for some of Blizzard's biggest games. From the new Overwatch character reveal to the announcement of the new World of Warcraft expansion, there's a whole lot of exciting news and announcements waiting to be revealed. We've compiled all the biggest ones from the show below.

What news and announcements are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check back often as we update this article with more news and trailers.

But first, even with the glut of new announcements, managing editor Justin Haywald and video producer Erick Tay argue that there were a few things missing from this year's Blizzcon.


Hearthstone's Next Expansion Includes A Free New Single-Player Mode--During BlizzCon's opening ceremony, Blizzard revealed Dungeon Run, a brand-new single-player mode for Hearthstone that pits players against eight random bosses.

All The Cards From Hearthstone’s Kobolds & Catacombs Expansion Revealed So Far--With the latest Hearthstone expansion revealed, here are all of the cards we know about so far.

Heroes of the Storm

Overwatch's Hanzo, Warcraft's Alexstrasza Announced For Heroes Of The Storm--Blizzard also reveals some major changes coming to HotS, including refinements to a variety of mechanics.

Heroes Of The Storm Devs On The Fate Of Hanamura And Balance Changes: From Battlegrounds and balance changes to new heroes Hanzo and Alexstrasza, here's what we learned about Heroes of the Storm.


New Overwatch Map Is A Blizzard Theme Park--Alongside a new character, Overwatch is adding a new map that fans of any Blizzard game will likely enjoy, with areas themed after Warcraft, StarCraft, and more.

New Overwatch Hero Revealed, Moira The DPS Healer--New hybrid character revealed with ties to Reaper's past.

Overwatch's New Reinhardt Short Will Make You Cry--Like past Overwatch shorts, this new Blizzard animation focusing on Reinhardt gets emotional.

New Overwatch Skins Based On Diablo, StarCraft, And Other Blizzard Games--Have a look at these new BlizzardWorld skins coming for Widowmaker, Torbjorn, Zarya, and more based on Blizzard's other franchises.

Check Out The First Skins For Overwatch's New Character, Moira--Overwatch's new hero, Moira, already has some alternate skins, and we also got a look at early concept for the character.

Here's who won the Overwatch World Cup--which country took home top honors in this year's competition?

In our Blizzcon Overwatch interview, the devs talk about addressing player toxicity and whether there's a chance we'd ever see a real-life "Blizzard World."

StarCraft II

StarCraft II Will Soon Be Free To Play--Beginning this month, players will be able to play through StarCraft II's Wings of Liberty campaign and co-op mode for no cost.

How will going free affect the Starcraft II? We talked to the devs to get the answers.

World of Warcraft

One World of Warcraft dev explains why this might be the best introduction for new players yet.

World Of Warcraft Classic Announced, Lets You Play Without Expansions--Blizzard finally answers fans call for a vanilla version of the MMO, however, our dev interview shows there are still a lot of questions left to answer.

World Of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth Expansion Revealed, Increases Level Cap And Adds New Continents--Blizzard reveals the MMO's most ambitious expansion to date, showing new lands and siege battles.

WoW Update To Overhaul Leveling To Let You Play Expansions, Zones In Any Order--World of Warcraft patch 7.3.5 will introduce changes to the level-up process to give you far more flexibility with the order in which you tackle the game's content.

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