BlizzCon 2017: All The New Overwatch Skins Based On Diablo, StarCraft, And Other Blizzard Games

There's more than just a new map and character on the way to Overwatch.


To cap off its Overwatch panel at BlizzCon today, Blizzard revealed a series of new skins coming to the shooter. A handful of these are particularly notable, as they are themed around Blizzard's other games.

A total of eight new skins were shown off, most of which are of the Blizzard game variety. These include a version of Roadhog based on Diablo's Butcher, while Zarya gets a take on Diablo's Barbarian. Maybe the most on-point of the bunch is Widowmaker's new Nova skin. You'll notice that a few of these--Reinhardt and Mei's--are based on previous cinematics. The Reinhardt one is based on the just-released story video put out today, while Mei's gives her the look from the emotional Ecopoint video. You can see all of these in the gallery below.

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These skins won't arrive until early 2018. Thankfully, they won't be restricted to a limited-time loot box. Instead, they'll be available right in the standard, base loot box, allowing you to earn them throughout the year (or purchase them outright, provided you save up enough Credits).

This wasn't the only Overwatch news that Blizzard had to share at BlizzCon. We also learned about the new Overwatch hero Moira, who is a hybrid Support character who can heal in a much different manner than anyone else. We also got a look at the new BlizzardWorld map, which is essentially a theme park featuring many of Blizzard's games--Overwatch being a notable exception, as that would get a little weird.

Outside of Overwatch, there were still a lot of announcements. We heard about Hearthstone's new expansion, WoW's new expansion and the upcoming WoW Classic version, new Heroes of the Storm characters, and more. For a full recap, check out our BlizzCon 2017 news roundup.

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