Blizzard's next MMOG to have 'more broad appeal'

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick reveals the World of Warcraft developer's upcoming massively multiplayer project will cast a wider net; "prize play" coming to


After confirming it was working on a new massively multiplayer online game in 2007, Blizzard Entertainment has divulged only a few details on the project. Today at the Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference in San Francisco, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick offered another breadcrumb of information about the unnamed title--which won't be a competitor to World of Warcraft.

Blizzard's next won't be World of Starcraft.
Blizzard's next won't be World of Starcraft.

When asked about the efforts behind the new online gaming service, Kotick listed Blizzard's upcoming slate. "What we've announced at Blizzard is that we have Starcraft [II] coming, Diablo has been in production...and a new, unannounced MMOG that has a little more broad appeal," said the executive.

Kotick's talk of a more accessible MMORPG adds a bit more detail to the still very sketchy picture of Blizzard's mystery-shrouded project. Before officially acknowledging it was in development in 2007, Blizzard said that any new massively multiplayer online game would not be a World of Warcraft clone. This February, now-ex-World of Warcraft game director Jeff Kaplan began working full time on the unnamed title, which will be a brand-new property.

Besides mentioning the Blizzard MMORPG and Activision's plans to begin bypassing consoles, Kotick dropped hints of what features the new might have. "As we start to add cash play and prize play and better rewards and recognition systems that come through the Internet, you will start to see audiences expand even further," said Kotick, showing a slide of a BlizzCon StarCraft II tournament.

When asked if Kotick's comments meant that cash prizes would be awarded directly over, a Blizzard rep pointed out his company's long-standing tradition of having contests that begin online and end at BlizzCon with large cash prizes. "Tournament play and e-sports have been part of the experience for years," said the rep who declined to comment further.

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I'm afraid WoW fans have been getting hyped about this upcoming MMO for nothing. It's probably going to have more in common with Farmville than with WoW. I was really hoping for a hardcore, dark experience like only Blizzard can deliver, but it seems those days might be behind us. This will be a product for a mass market, and I'm getting sick of games being targetted for non-gamers. Still, it is Blizzard, so the sheer quality might make it worthwile. Hope we'll see an official announcement at this year's Blizzcon in october.

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What happened to old games like The Lost Vikings and Rock N' Roll Racing? Those games deserve sequels!

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Forget MMO's, just come out with Diablo 3 already.

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Some of the comments here are outright mind numbing! It was stated in this article it'll be a new property. Some of you lack reading comprehension.

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This article says this will be an entirely new property & I'm quite curious to see what theme this new property will have. Because of the type of game it is, Playing WOW for only several weeks is hardly enough time to give it a fair shake. The more I play of it, The more engrossing it’s becoming for me. And this is from one who’s been playing it for several years. The expansions have added to WOW’s entertainment value not taken away from it.

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Release starcraft 2 already

Avatar image for Lethalhazard

Guessing this MMO will somehow manage to water down the MMO genre even more than WoW's expansions did. I blame Activision.....and Blizzard for merging with them.

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I look forward to the refurbished system, and I really find it hysterical when people complain about World of Warcraft. If they really have played it, I know their experience in the beginning was quite boring, because the first time you play the game isn't as fun until you reach a higher level. But saying you only played it for a short amount of time, i.e 2 - 3 weeks. Then you really shouldn't be talking, especially if your playtime is below 6 days. @Kashmiro Yeah, that new Star Wars MMO looks real badass..

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I just had to add this. Even if you say WoW's a good game more factors into it. Tons of my friends play it and they have the worst computers in the world. They tried playing Warhammer Online at my house and they loved it but they said that their computers couldn't handle it so they'd stick to WoW. Along with that, WoW works with Macs. Warhammer Online is on Mac now but other than that most aren't. That obviously helps them rack in more MMO lovers and making WoW that more popular.

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Ya they have 12 million people on WoW but Activision said that they wanted to bypass consoles...which is more than 12 million. All i know is i tried WoW for a month and it was really boring for me. I have nothing against it (other than that's it overrated) but it's not a bad game, it's just not the game for me.

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if its got a monthly fee, then i ain't playing. wasted my money trying wow for two weeks until it bored me to death.

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Wouldn't it expand appeal if you just make the game free? or come at a fraction of the cost/upkeep?

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lol yea 12 million is pretty broad of an appeal to me... but yea I personally think this sounds cool. Mainly because I have finally after many years gotten tired of WoW (at least for the moment.) So I would definitely like a new MMO from Blizzard now, Star Wars looks pretty sweet so Blizzard has some real competition now also.

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will someone plz explain to me what the image is?

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Blizzard pwns,so I trustem with this :) I don't like Kotick though,in agreement with others on this,a company as frikkin' huuuge as Activision-Blizzard needs a smarter,more well rounded guy.

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If Kotick can get people to boycott playing WoW, then the man's a god and we should all support his stupidity.

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12 million people on WoW and they want a broader appeal? Err okay I'll roll with that.

Avatar image for RockySquirrel

Won't be ready until 2015... anyone taking bets?

Avatar image for Abrams

Cool about a new MMO, I just want Starcraft 2...besides Blizzard seems to be getting to lazy and greedy when it comes to their games.

Avatar image for CptJuancho

Im tired of hearing about wow! It's not the only game in the world you know. There're other mmo and other games that are still great

Avatar image for DarpSyX

Im totally agree with Chupamelpo! we need release dates specially for SC2 and D3! we need those before any other mmo....

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A game company as big as Blizzard should be proud of their games and make them look like games made in this decade not the last. Graphics in wow are almost unbearable at this point. I see the game becoming text based only in the near future.

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I want a starcraft MMO.

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enough of this 5H1T !!! some of us are not into MMO gaming. We need a release date for diablo 3 and starcraft 2. Previous versions of both games have close to 10 years and so far just BS. While WoW have like so many expansions. It's just ridiculus how blizzard forgot about other games.

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is it gonna be fantasy based or sci-fi based? I prey for the latter!

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i find it strange the number of people who forget a number of other comments made by Blizzard and Activision. in reply to other comments (without sounding arrogant or a know-it-all) it is a new IP so it is not Diablo and it will not be on a console. also a lot of people seem to hate WoW because it is extremely popular. lets face it, it wouldn't have 11 and a half million players if it was bad and the graphics look beautiful if you have the power to do it. let us all just wait and see what happens :)

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I don't like Bobby kotick, he's a selfish capitalistic money maker...if he ever comes near me in my life,he's getting a roundhouse kick.

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YoungDab: Wow kid.. get a better computer. You haven't seen WoW at it's fullest if you think it has N64 graphics.

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considering that WoW has been and probably will be the #1 MMO for the longest time, with 10+ million subscribers dunno what more of 'broad' of an audience they want. The number 1 mmo prior to WoW was the korean Lineage and even that at it's peak didn't even touch 50% of wows sub base.

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I'd love if they made a PvP based game, kinda like Huxley was supposed to be the best MMOFPS. Blizzard could do a great job and defeat Hells Gate London and Huxley. Those games had so many problems. But we'll see. I'm sure people would prefer a real MMO/FPS/RPG combined in a post-apocalyptic era styled like Gears of War 2/Unreal 3. I'd definitely play that. Remember though, Bioware is creating Star Wars: The Old Republic is going to come out soon, so if Blizzard has been working on this for 2 years already, hopefully it comes out right near Bioware's game so they can compete.

Avatar image for SrTVBR

I think its will be a full new theme.

Avatar image for EE2lemmonhead

@Darkness7089: No, its completely new IP and its unannounced. So its not either of the three, nor lost vikings. And D3 we already know will have no more then 12 probably per game, and probably just 8 like d2

Avatar image for PhoenixHawk06

I believe that thus far there have only been four people allowed in a game of D3 at a time. If D3 was going to be their next big MMO, I think we would have heard about it by now.

Avatar image for Darkness7089

diablo 3 will probably be the new mmorpg, they mentioned it wouldnt be SC or War, they didn't say it wouldn't be diablo.

Avatar image for baal46

I'm guessing MMOFPS. And, LOL@haters. Warhammer sucks and nobody cares. Activision is "bypassing consoles", meaning PC-only titles or independent hardware. Pretty hard to peg that as a "console MMO." LOL@graphicswhores. You think people pay money to play WoW because of its graphics? LMAO.

Avatar image for VexedLucifer

Steal moar Warhammer plox.

Avatar image for dmcguk

sounds like a console MMO with what Activision had been saying either way I wont be checking it out unless it is really amazing

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That's great, you know. I'm looking forward to this, and I'm looking forward to the new Starcraft trilogy, and I'm looking forward to Diablo 3, and I love hearing new things about them. But Bobby Kotick should not be the mouth piece for announcements like this. After his other recent appearances in gaming news, talking about his total lack of interest in the product itself, his desire to create a culture of 'skepticism, pessimism, and fear,' and his glee about taking all the fun out of making games, I am just not interested in hearing his name or seeing his mug. Get this goon off the stage, I have no love for him.

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"World Of Warcraft has nintendo 64 graphics and people are actually spending money to play it? You would never see me on it." Have you seen it on ultra high textures, shadows, full distance view & soon to be realistic water effects? It looks pretty good to me & unlike Crysis style games fights are a lot larger than usual... Broader appeal still means it could be anything. CoD has a broader appeal so it could be an MMO FPS, who knows at this stage though it could be anything. People seem too quick to dismiss it.

Avatar image for MichaelMorbid

so it's going to have a broader appeal than warcraft (?) and not be a competitor to warcraft? either way it sounds like they're cracking open a new IP. having a hard time figuring out what's broader than the obligatory middle earth elf orc setting.

Avatar image for xxscammersxx

GOGO Blizzard!

Avatar image for supercrazyhorse

I thought to myself... "What has a more broad appeal than World of Warcraft?" And then it came to me: Call of Duty. Imagine a Blizzard/Infinity Ward team-up to create the ultimate FPSMMORPG.

Avatar image for YoungDab

World Of Warcraft has nintendo 64 graphics and people are actually spending money to play it? You would never see me on it.

Avatar image for toddze

I have no idea how they could have a more "broad of appeal" than WoW.

Avatar image for 24k_Solid_Gold

@DarxPhil Lol, that very well may happen @Jettaelas714 Apparently not...

Avatar image for upgate

@ DarxPhil I'd be happy to be in this day...

Avatar image for DarxPhil

If Blizzard announced World of Starcraft, the internet would explode for a day.

Avatar image for Jettaelas714

i guess 11 million people paying $15 a month just isnt good enough

Avatar image for Red_A_Link

i agree with shabulia & green_dominator