Blizzard's next MMOG to have 'more broad appeal'

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick reveals the World of Warcraft developer's upcoming massively multiplayer project will cast a wider net; "prize play" coming to


After confirming it was working on a new massively multiplayer online game in 2007, Blizzard Entertainment has divulged only a few details on the project. Today at the Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference in San Francisco, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick offered another breadcrumb of information about the unnamed title--which won't be a competitor to World of Warcraft.

Blizzard's next won't be World of Starcraft.
Blizzard's next won't be World of Starcraft.

When asked about the efforts behind the new online gaming service, Kotick listed Blizzard's upcoming slate. "What we've announced at Blizzard is that we have Starcraft [II] coming, Diablo has been in production...and a new, unannounced MMOG that has a little more broad appeal," said the executive.

Kotick's talk of a more accessible MMORPG adds a bit more detail to the still very sketchy picture of Blizzard's mystery-shrouded project. Before officially acknowledging it was in development in 2007, Blizzard said that any new massively multiplayer online game would not be a World of Warcraft clone. This February, now-ex-World of Warcraft game director Jeff Kaplan began working full time on the unnamed title, which will be a brand-new property.

Besides mentioning the Blizzard MMORPG and Activision's plans to begin bypassing consoles, Kotick dropped hints of what features the new might have. "As we start to add cash play and prize play and better rewards and recognition systems that come through the Internet, you will start to see audiences expand even further," said Kotick, showing a slide of a BlizzCon StarCraft II tournament.

When asked if Kotick's comments meant that cash prizes would be awarded directly over, a Blizzard rep pointed out his company's long-standing tradition of having contests that begin online and end at BlizzCon with large cash prizes. "Tournament play and e-sports have been part of the experience for years," said the rep who declined to comment further.

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Maybe they should start making games. By this rate we will have two more blizzard games in 10 years.

Avatar image for Wuulf

you would think with all the cash they make on WoW they wouldnt need to charge a monthly for but who cares about starcraft II I want DIABLO i mean come on its way cooler then starcraft

Avatar image for k0r3aN_pR1d3

Blizzard doesn't like to sponsor major competitions for StarCraft. It's the WCG and other international leagues along with Korean ones. I won't believe a word they say until they really do.

Avatar image for dzimm

They could broaden the appeal considerably by ditching the pay-to-play model.

Avatar image for J0nGalt

Dear god. Blizzard is basically making me their peon!

Avatar image for _Rye_

galerian86 That's one of the best avatars ive ever seen, that cats face lol

Avatar image for ShimmerMan

Blizzard, Blizzard, Blizzard. When are you going to stop talking about what your going to do and just start doing it, and releasing games besides WOW expansions. We are all getting older, And most of your loyal fans are getting to the point where they're getting too old for gaming. personally I'm bored of reading your "talk".. I'm bored of seeing your lengthy videos at Blizzcon which talk about a hell of a lot about nothing in perticular. I want to play some games man, come on....

Avatar image for puffadell

wow more WOW

Avatar image for slaggo

man, this company is a serious cash cow....especially after the other games come out.

Avatar image for slaggo

the next MMO i'm looking forward to is star wars: the old republic from bioware...totally LOVE the direction they're going with that game. blizzard can make a kick-ass game though...they can pretty much make whatever game they want since they have PLENTY of experience in fantasy (warcraft), biblical medieval (diablo), and sci fi (starcraft) far, they've been stuck to those games. branching out into other genres is a fresh idea along with bringing out starcraft 2 and diablo 3.

Avatar image for 2bitSmOkEy

I like how prior to joining forces with Activision, Blizzard only worked on one game at a time. Now we have a new WoW expansion, Starcraft 2 (mind you, its split into 3 games for FULL profit plus you get to pay cash for maps! SWEET! And of course no Lan feature), Diablo 3 with which there will probably be some really cool features like paying real money for gear, and also a new mmo which will "have a much broader appeal" for even more profit (in gaming terms this means dumbing your game down for the masses). The biggest slap in the face is the fact that making an mmo is like making 20 normal games because they are so insanely complex. How do you do all of this at the same time? You skimp on quality just like EA and Activision do. So Blizzard has officially jumped off into the corporate deep end since they joined forces with craptivision. There is no turning back, I can officially say this company has turned to crap. I never ever thought I would see the day that happened.

Avatar image for AdamWriter

I'll wait and see. I'm not a WoW fan anymore, but I accept that Blizzard can make em and put a lot of effort into doing so.

Avatar image for endocrine

More broad appeal than WoW? What is it going to be, a bejeweled MMO?

Avatar image for zaqcdebgt9513

I guess this way they can get non mmo players to play, then eventually those same people will get bored and move to WOW since it's a more hardcore game.

Avatar image for maximo

I played wow for 3 years...glad i got out, tired of the repetitivenes.. I hope that this new MMORPG they are supposed to be makng shows some original, unique and interesting concepts

Avatar image for brian_13un

Hope its great

Avatar image for cashkilla_basic

I'm thinking WoW meets Haddo Hotel meets WarioWare.

Avatar image for K_M82

what a new IP? wow blizzard haven't got new IP in decades. man and i was hoping for a skies of starcraft. maybe blizzard got scared by star wars the old republic and decide to distance themselves from space scifi related IP.

Avatar image for xeridae

@LakeView9480 Luckily they said it would be free at Blizzcon.

Avatar image for Expo_Smacko

Hm? Interesting..

Avatar image for Gen-Gawl

How can you make an MMO that has a broader appeal than WoW? There's no way even the next blizz MMO will come close to the popularity of WoW.

Avatar image for SocialAnXieTy

Hahaha, Blizzard thinks we actually believe that they'll ever do another MMO aside from WoW? Good joke Blizzard, but April Fool's was over 5 months ago.

Avatar image for Undead_Arthas

More casual than WoW Is that actually possible?

Avatar image for iloveyourface

guild wars for the horde i mean win *sigh*

Avatar image for pvtdonut54

I'll wait 10 more years though :P

Avatar image for feliscele

I really can't think of anything with more broad appeal than WOW, MMO wise.

Avatar image for Jfisch93

I'm all for more casual, WoW confuses the crap out of me.

Avatar image for rock_solid

i'm all for cash prizes

Avatar image for windrazorx

Well, there goes my hope for playing as a zealot/hydralisk...... one can only imagine huh?

Avatar image for LakeView9480

My biggest fear is that they still have not said the magic words " will still be free!".

Avatar image for JimmyCos

OH, so is more casual, right?

Avatar image for Agiel7

I think what's going to be the big question is what the theme of the game is going to be. Blizzard has already tapped into high and low fantasy with "Warcraft" and "Diablo" respectively, and they already did the same for sci-fi with Starcraft. My bet is that it's either going to be set in a "World of Darkness" type "vampires vs. werewolves" in the modern world or Victorian steam-punk.

Avatar image for Zombunny

needs to come on the consoles as we have WoW to play

Avatar image for EvrenDawn

I'm glad it won't be World of Starcraft. Since I didn't like WoW, WoS would only appeal to me in setting. I'm all for a new IP by Blizzard. I'm sure they've got some good ideas.

Avatar image for galerian86

I hope by broad he meant free to play. I wouldn't mind spending money on buying the game, but please no subscription fee. Please, nice sir, Mr. Kotick?

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I wonder where they're going with this.

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