Blizzard's next MMOG to have 'more broad appeal'

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick reveals the World of Warcraft developer's upcoming massively multiplayer project will cast a wider net; "prize play" coming to


After confirming it was working on a new massively multiplayer online game in 2007, Blizzard Entertainment has divulged only a few details on the project. Today at the Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference in San Francisco, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick offered another breadcrumb of information about the unnamed title--which won't be a competitor to World of Warcraft.

Blizzard's next won't be World of Starcraft.
Blizzard's next won't be World of Starcraft.

When asked about the efforts behind the new online gaming service, Kotick listed Blizzard's upcoming slate. "What we've announced at Blizzard is that we have Starcraft [II] coming, Diablo has been in production...and a new, unannounced MMOG that has a little more broad appeal," said the executive.

Kotick's talk of a more accessible MMORPG adds a bit more detail to the still very sketchy picture of Blizzard's mystery-shrouded project. Before officially acknowledging it was in development in 2007, Blizzard said that any new massively multiplayer online game would not be a World of Warcraft clone. This February, now-ex-World of Warcraft game director Jeff Kaplan began working full time on the unnamed title, which will be a brand-new property.

Besides mentioning the Blizzard MMORPG and Activision's plans to begin bypassing consoles, Kotick dropped hints of what features the new might have. "As we start to add cash play and prize play and better rewards and recognition systems that come through the Internet, you will start to see audiences expand even further," said Kotick, showing a slide of a BlizzCon StarCraft II tournament.

When asked if Kotick's comments meant that cash prizes would be awarded directly over, a Blizzard rep pointed out his company's long-standing tradition of having contests that begin online and end at BlizzCon with large cash prizes. "Tournament play and e-sports have been part of the experience for years," said the rep who declined to comment further.

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Avatar image for galienthealien

not WoW? 0 noes!!

Avatar image for scarface_dm

MMO........I think I'll pass :D

Avatar image for barleybosh

Forget this, they need to make an Earthbound MMORPG

Avatar image for blackfray

Hm...i'm very curious to know more about this next mmo of blizzard.

Avatar image for Beawolf

If it's balanced i'll play it, but if it's anything like wow with a very unbalanced pvp system i think i'll pass.

Avatar image for Barnman2205

WOW was fun and all... but I want a WarCraft IV. But they won't announce that for at least another four years or something... if at all. Oh well. StarCraft II should keep me entertained for a while...

Avatar image for martinmt

"now-ex-World of Warcraft game director Jeff Kaplan began working full-time on the unnamed title" NOOOOOOOO

Avatar image for punkpunker

why does it have to be mmo's all the time?

Avatar image for jazilla

there wasn't really any news in that article at all. seriously, a new MMO(we already knew that) prizes(again, nothing new for Blizz). i appreciate updates, but not when they don't say anything that we all don't already know.

Avatar image for 2w-sephiroth

Blizzard, make a action/plataform/RGP MMO. You can't go wrong like that. Make people use some real skill with acuracy, aiming and doging. Allow people to take more consideration in dungeons of traps and mecanisms with jump and crouch timing, with some dungeon puzzles. Some gaming physics too? Man, I am so sick of this target and press numbers system that wow has... I love in Diablo that you have to aim for most targeting spells. And ditch that obsesion of getting best gear all the time. Its getting stale and all WOW freaks know it.

Avatar image for Leonagard


Avatar image for CryTech

Roland123_basic: By making the game about more than just gaining levels, skills and abilities and gearing up your character. By making it something else entirely. Note that Blizzard never said their next one will be an MMO'RPG' It does not have to be a roleplaying game for a multitude of people to be able to play together. In other words, it does not have to be an RPG to be an MMO.

Avatar image for Viruses

Damn was hoping for a SC MMO. But this new MMO will be great no doubt; it's Blizzard after all. Just to inform those that think that the "Activision Blizzard merger will be a detrimental to the quality of Blizzard games, because Activison will now have a say on how the games are made." Are wrong! I remember reading a WoW forum post detailing about the merge and the post I quote: "This will not impact Blizzard games." "There will be no changes in the way Blizzard operates." "Both of our companies will continue to operate as they have previously with regard to game development." "The transaction will not have any impact on our games" The merger was simply a business move to better battle big companies like EA etc. Since Blizzard have not changed there game development philosophy "It will be released when it's done." There still one of the few developers out there who actually gives a damn about making good games, and with the huge revenue they get from WoW and the merger, they should be able to deliver on that promise.

Avatar image for Roland123_basic

how could you possibly have a more "broad appeal" than world of warcraft.....

Avatar image for Imspecial345

They don't even know what a truly new IP is. I love Blizz games but I'm not going to even think of saying that they are not all very very similar only set in different universe. Also, it'll probably be cancelled or completely changed in the next 5 years and then they'll show 10 minutes of footage and say it's coming "when it's finished".

Avatar image for Cwagmire21

GS getting too reliant on spell check - "adds" not "ads."

Avatar image for SoulGamerJames

It all sounds good, and that's all i can hope for. Now i just wish they'd add a link so i can put this "mystery game" on my tracked list. lol.

Avatar image for WombatGuy

Actually the last line is most interesting to me... Sounds like Blizzard might be getting sick of Activision. I'd love it if they parted ways. Of course, from the other stuff I've heard from this guy, he'll probably run Activision out of business through bad management within another quarter or two anyway.

Avatar image for WTFitsPauL

Chances: World Of Diablo World Of StarCraft World Of Warcraft II ( LOL ) World Of Halo World Of Half-Life

Avatar image for Pitlord3

they should have made starcraft: ghost

Avatar image for ColonelX24

World of Starcraft would have been a great game, oh well on to something new...what is it?

Avatar image for optimal

*crickets chirp Guess not

Avatar image for lifegivith

blizz is the worst game developer on earth, wow is the worst game on earth.

Avatar image for mrklorox

More broad appeal? But more women already play WOW than any other game out there. Broads seem to appeal to their current MMO just fine so far. :P

Avatar image for namtopia

@ SerOlmy I KNOW! I agree 100%. I am dying to play a really great sci fi MMO...Tabula Rasa sure as hell didn't deliver and neither will that upcoming Star Wars KOTOR MMO. I always come back to Blizz for quality games....please make it happen.

Avatar image for Zophar87

Awesome! I love Blizzard's games, and I can't wait to see this new game.

Avatar image for 2bitSmOkEy

How did Arena destroy WoW? Explanations please.

Avatar image for 2bitSmOkEy

@ Spartan-1657 dude have you not seen any of the info they have release about starcraft 2? How can you say "wait and see", they have already shown us.

Avatar image for wookers44

good for them............seriously whens diablo 3 gonna be released?

Avatar image for stain1ess

Off the WoW 3 months now my poor little rogue is somewhere wallowing in the Dalaran sewer

Avatar image for crevekm127

this looks awesome cant wait

Avatar image for SerOlmy

No SC MMO... why can no one come up with a decent sci-fi MMO? The last good one was Anarchy Online (nearly 8 years ago), I am so bloody tired of fantasy.

Avatar image for lathan94

WoW already appeals to a HUGE audience. How could they possibly make it more casual. WoW attracts casual and hardcore thats what makes it popular.

Avatar image for sammoth

"Sigh" More Blizzard news. I want a release date for Diablo3 already.......

Avatar image for Nodashi

This "broader" audience really worries me. Please blizzard, WoW is as generic as a MMO can be, don't go after the nintendo Wii style or you'll loose your TONS of hardcore fans.

Avatar image for Spartan-1657

@ 2bitSmOkEy You can't really call Blizzard on bull**** already. Just because they are making more games than usual at one time doesn't even mean anything. It's way too early to have a hissy fit about it. Just wait and see... You just jumped off into the deep end yourself. Stop jumping the gun.

Avatar image for earlthecannibal

Aion t minus 5 days until wow=bad memory.

Avatar image for Miroku32

Bet the new mmog will have the same fate as all other Activision games. With Kotick there, he will only try to milk the franchise.

Avatar image for cirugo

make it quick so you can get your stupid e-sports out of World of Warcraft

Avatar image for MrNib

I want WOS

Avatar image for Grovilis

At this rate, both playstation and xbox will go out of buisness with all of this casual gamer nonsense going on.

Avatar image for YoungDab

You will never be seeing me paying to play MMOG's with horrible graphics like WoW.How about taking those good ideas and bumping them up to a higher graphic resolution.WoW has to be built on like an nintendo 64 graphics processor.

Avatar image for Netherscourge

Uh oh - they mentioned the word e-Sport.... e-Sports ruined World of Warcraft's PvP because of the Arena Garbage. I hope they aren't working on some stupid Arena-PvP MMO.

Avatar image for Tripwolf

Sounds like they're going after the "casual" gamers even more. WoW is turning out to be a non-game, now that you can pay Real Life money to change your race, faction, server, name etc. It's only a matter of time before you can buy levels and gear. Activision is killing Blizzard and the next MMO sounds even worse. Blizzard is dying, just like the music industry. Oh, it will make money but gamers will be the ones who suffer. I hate Activision for what they've done.

Avatar image for earlthecannibal

Blizzard is dead to me. They may as well keep marketing children as the core audience, because frankly ...they are not making good games anymore.

Avatar image for BlueRaptor7

Whaaaat? "...little more broad appeal"? The reason I -don't- play WoW is because it does not challenge me as a gamer. I mean, its' kinda early to say anything, but this one isn't looking too great for me.

Avatar image for hoblet

More casual than WoW? At this rate of "more casual appeal" 5 year-olds will be able to raid with both hands behind their back and eating bagels.

Avatar image for kejigoto

So Universe of Starcraft then?

Avatar image for Pale-Folklore

I hate the fact that Kotick is the one giving us further insight into the project.

Avatar image for drokmore

lol with blizzard's history and diablo 3 not even on the near horizon, we won't even see this for another 5 years. By that point they won't have to worry about competing with WOW. My initial hats off though for the idea of innovating something new. The broader appeal though raises an eyebrow that most current MMO fans usually interprets as easy button...