Blizzard's next MMOG to have 'more broad appeal'

Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick reveals the World of Warcraft developer's upcoming massively multiplayer project will cast a wider net; "prize play" coming to


After confirming it was working on a new massively multiplayer online game in 2007, Blizzard Entertainment has divulged only a few details on the project. Today at the Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference in San Francisco, Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick offered another breadcrumb of information about the unnamed title--which won't be a competitor to World of Warcraft.

Blizzard's next won't be World of Starcraft.
Blizzard's next won't be World of Starcraft.

When asked about the efforts behind the new online gaming service, Kotick listed Blizzard's upcoming slate. "What we've announced at Blizzard is that we have Starcraft [II] coming, Diablo has been in production...and a new, unannounced MMOG that has a little more broad appeal," said the executive.

Kotick's talk of a more accessible MMORPG adds a bit more detail to the still very sketchy picture of Blizzard's mystery-shrouded project. Before officially acknowledging it was in development in 2007, Blizzard said that any new massively multiplayer online game would not be a World of Warcraft clone. This February, now-ex-World of Warcraft game director Jeff Kaplan began working full time on the unnamed title, which will be a brand-new property.

Besides mentioning the Blizzard MMORPG and Activision's plans to begin bypassing consoles, Kotick dropped hints of what features the new might have. "As we start to add cash play and prize play and better rewards and recognition systems that come through the Internet, you will start to see audiences expand even further," said Kotick, showing a slide of a BlizzCon StarCraft II tournament.

When asked if Kotick's comments meant that cash prizes would be awarded directly over, a Blizzard rep pointed out his company's long-standing tradition of having contests that begin online and end at BlizzCon with large cash prizes. "Tournament play and e-sports have been part of the experience for years," said the rep who declined to comment further.

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and i thought WoW already had a 'broad appeal'. I'm not interested anyways.

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All I read is: "I don't want a more casual...blah blah blah" Guess what! If you like WoW, you might not like this game, but other might do. If it's a kids game (Blizzard never made one earlier...), or a completely new style of MMO we'll see. Broader appeal does not mean easy/casual/dumb. And, if this game doesn't suit you. Play WoW.

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Money money money and 0 love.

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good idea .... but it could be better

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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This looks really nice! Can't wait for the new system =P

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Broader appeal than WoW... so, they are making some sort of Free Realms clone? Only way to get broader appeal is to go completely casual.

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@Nikbotv4 "Thanks for raping me of my time gamespot" Haha!'re on a website that deals with videogames. ...Obviously your time isnt important enough to be raped! ...If're time got a fake name and a 6 digit phone number =P -Dys

Avatar image for IgotEpixx

'Broad appeal'? Oh dear, isn't all the Wii's kiddy, casual bollocks aimed at the 'Wider audience'? What is it gonna be? World of Disney?

Avatar image for Hades-Sama

More broader appeal than wow??? that means you will only have to right click on a target to kill it

Avatar image for Excedra

warcraft/starcraft with awesome graphics please

Avatar image for BDK-Soft

A blizzard mmo .. Killing boars in space?

Avatar image for BlackHawk912

No the question is why not a Star craft MMOFPS, like -Unreal- was saying.

Avatar image for Reuwsaat

I wish it was Warcraft 4 instead x.x but Blizzard never disappointed me, so I hope they will make a new huge succes! but I can't just figure out why they took so many time to announce new titles, if wow is a "billionarie money-machine".

Avatar image for Phooey442

broader appeal = a game more easily accessible to morons

Avatar image for fps_d0minat0r

since Bobby Kotick was bashing consoles for being atleast 2 years out of date hes got to be releasing something with photorealistic graphics........because consoles can already do that, well ps3 can anyway. if hes not hes a moron, this guys ruining activision blizzard.

Avatar image for leonheart_z

i dont want "broader" appeal...blizzard-activision is really disappointing about a new warcraft rts? or hey..if they wanted any sort of "apeal"..why not a new warcraft rts mmo???

Avatar image for MirthMobile

broader appeal than wow? wonder what it is...

Avatar image for -Unreal-

Would be awesome if it turned out to be an MMOFPS.

Avatar image for MXVIII

I thought Farmville was Blizzard's new MMO.....

Avatar image for danny-skrobut

wow wasn't exactly that complicated if they kept the interface it would be fine

Avatar image for patterabbit

World of generic Facebook online, If I am to believe the dumbing down of WoW

Avatar image for badiie05

@nikbotv4 No one forced you to click on the headlines

Avatar image for PlasmaBeam44

It'll be free to play and a rival to Free Realms. Just wait and watch. It'll happen.

Avatar image for badiie05

well lets just hope they don't forget about WOW

Avatar image for bahamat0

Well, more broad appeal could make it more than 10 million players, wouldn't it? Also depends on the quality of the game that is :P

Avatar image for wooooode

"more broad appeal" really? That10 million+ playing WoW is not enough?

Avatar image for Zanthia561

wow everyone crying about them making a new MMO. Look at what else they r releasing SC2 Diablo 3 and new WoW xpac dont worry about it so much Blizzard makes quality games and im sure the new MMO will be quality above and beyond. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

Avatar image for lostn

You mean WoW wasn't accessible enough or have broad enough appeal?

Avatar image for bahamat0

Thing is that the numbers of casual gamers are dramatically increasing over the years, whereas hardcore players are declining. I've realized this through the majority of games and specially in WoW, I don't see much of casual players who have taken a more hardcore approach, but I can clearly see a huge number of hardcore players going casual. So I believe blizzard is aiming to satisfy the majority of the ever-increasing casual audiences, rather than the hardcore ones who are declining in numbers. I think the best solution to this is to offer an accesable gameplay where everyone can enjoy, both casual and hardcore players, while at the same time offer some challenges that can be challenging even to the hardcore players but it should be accesable and beatable by the casuals as well.

Avatar image for GidsyWidsy


Avatar image for colo734

This is terrible news. I don't want a game that has "broader appeal", i.e., its aimed at casual players. What I want is a niche game intended for true "gamers," those of us who have been playing games our whole lives and are fed up with money hungry corporations and there cookie cutter games.

Avatar image for td_tempest

He already stated it'll be a whole new property.

Avatar image for BloodMist

World of Diablo?I hope?

Avatar image for drokmore

That's the scarey thing. The Wii demonstrated there's a "large" bunch of casual gamers that are willing to pay. I love blizzard (not necessarily activsion) but I hope they don't leave the gamers who built their empire to wear it is now. Im still stoaked about D3 coming down the pipe.

Avatar image for d12malu

Ever since Activision bought Blizzard, this was a bad sign. Activision has the potential to run Blizzard into the ground. If Activision just concentrated on the games side, then people would automatically pay. Instead, all this talk of bypassing consoles, a broad appeal MMO, and business-first attitude, will make them look like any other company, a greedy money hungry corporation out of touch with the gamers. I own alot of ATVI stock, not because of Activision, but b/c of Blizzard. But now Im starting to feel they could potentially ruin Blizzard's IPs with their influence.

Avatar image for power1

blizzard doesnt know how to use their 12 million people, if i was in charge of WOW, there would be competitions, tournaments, HUGE wars, everything!

Avatar image for Melvin418

@ Finishing_SA_Qs Completely agree.

Avatar image for goatboy0088

Blizz, blizz, blizz... I feel a back-lash coming your way. You guys are more then over do for a Epic Fail. They are inevitable, like earthquakes, title-waves, and plagues. Don't get me wrong i love some of your games, just not you mind-prison you call "WoW". (ex-WoW player). And FYI Im over all this "Its done when its done" crap, you are not owr rollers, We (the gamers) role you!

Avatar image for Brownesque

Activision Blizzard can go **** themselves if they release another MMOG. I've already decided against buying any of their products since they cut LAN support on SC2.

Avatar image for Finishing_SA_Qs

As far as im concerned the entire gaming industry is bombing art wise due to businesses like EA and Activ/Blizz. With EA just slamming out game after game a dime a dozen and activision using the same cookie cutter for everything games are becoming so wide spread and bland that their loosing their identity. I mean its like 65% of people under 35 consider themselves gamers when in reality the 360 is their 1st console and they just play madden or gears. Theirs a difference between getting exercise and being a track runner. Anyone?

Avatar image for JrSlacker

@Lothos_Delion I have to agree, WoW hit the spot, and to be honest broke the lines between on what most people saw in MMOs which was the "hard core gamer." Normally, at least in my opinion, MMOs were where the hard core gamers went to, at least in the casual gamers point of view. Blizzard has a reputation of making awesome games, hell I have friends who still play D2 and even WC2, while I love Blizzard as a company (not as more as I do Bioware) the course they are taking WoW at the moment, especially from the things announced at Blizzcon is going to be interesting on how WoWs outcome will be. To me, from being in a big raiding guild, the game is slowly losing the cool apeal

Avatar image for meathead86

ya well if the make u pay maybe the should think about letn us not have to pay the dam us$ or the will find that im not buyn any more of the games and wow sucks i played now and i cant work why people are addicted to it . Its boring

Avatar image for Lothos_Delion

I think they are about to have an epic fail. Wow worked because it was the right combo of things at the right time riding on the popularity of World of Warcraft strategy games. They have since stopped making any of the software that made them who they were to rely totally on Wow..,.... ask Sony about Everquest. They were so caught up in its popularity they forgot about development and the rest is history.

Avatar image for Bakutakamine

A broad appeal? Will it be brown have space marines, rpg elements, and have quick time events? Now that's broad appeal.

Avatar image for Majik_Kracker

12 million subscribers isn't broad enough for you blizzard? ....Cash whores

Avatar image for pureskull123

Blizzard: omg starcraft 2 is going to be pirated like crazy and we wont make our 2000% profit like before...., lets a make starcraft 2 the best video game possible and then make people pay 15 bucks a month to create an account and start playing online in mmorpg. Foolish people: sweet duh!!! im getting this and feeding this very money hungry company that doesnt care about its costumers. Bright people: I turn around and walk away......

Avatar image for thedarklinglord

Meh. I think Blizzard's been doing the online thing way too long, and it's started to warp their perception of gaming as a whole. Their movement toward online-only, much like XBox Live, play leaves me cold. MMOs? Well, obviously that's going to be online only. But co-op or competitive multiplayer for Starcraft II and Diablo III without LAN support and, instead, forced onto the internet? When they make it a choice between playing on or not playing at all, I'm going to choose to not play at all. Hopefully Bioware won't make the same mistake should their Star Wars MMO become a huge hit. Hopefully, they won't suddenly force all their games to be played online, all for the sake of monitoring their consumers and shamelessly squeezing more money out of them.

Avatar image for SWIFFT

The vid is good. I like some of the stuff they are doing with