Blizzard to publish GBA game

Blizzard's early side-scrolling SNES game is coming to the GBA next spring.


Blizzard has announced that one of the studio's first games, The Lost Vikings for the Super Nintendo, will be released for the Game Boy Advance. Blizzard released The Lost Vikings in the early '90s, when the studio still went by the name Silicon & Synapse. The Lost Vikings will be published by Blizzard Classic Arcade, the newest label in Vivendi Universal Publishing's games division.

"The Lost Vikings was one of the first games that Blizzard developed, and we've received numerous requests from our consumers to make the title available again," stated Mike Morhaime, Blizzard's president and cofounder. "With the 10-year anniversary of The Lost Vikings approaching, we felt that this was the ideal time to revisit this game. Additionally, the style of gameplay translates well to the Game Boy Advance."

In The Lost Vikings, players must employ the specific skills of three Vikings to cooperatively solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and find their way back home. The game includes 35 levels and hundreds of puzzles.

The game is expected to ship in the spring of 2003. For more details on Blizzard's early history, check out our retrospective feature on the studio.

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