Blizzard Teases More Overwatch Experiences In The Future

Overwatch as a franchise is bigger than one game alone.

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Blizzard is currently working on a lot of games; in fact, the studio has more titles in production currently than it ever has in its entire history. The company might not be willing to reveal the new projects just yet, but Blizzard's CEO J. Allen Brack has now teased that you could see a new Overwatch game outside of the existing shooter.

He told Game Informer that Overwatch, like Blizzard's other franchises, could extend beyond the initial title into new areas. He mentioned that Warcraft originally started as a RTS before becoming an MMO with World of Warcraft, and also a mobile card game with Hearthstone. You might also see Overwatch extend to new categories, he teased.

"We've talked about how we've got more games in development than ever before. More games in development than in the entire history of the company," Brack said. "We also think that there are a lot of different types of games that can exist within the IPs that we have. If we think about the Overwatch IP for example, we think about the Overwatch IP as being extremely large and extremely all-encompassing. Overwatch, the game people experience today, is just being a very small part of what that IP could be."

Blizzard doesn't always release all of the games that it works on. For example, Blizzard developed a game called Warcraft Adventures but it was canceled before release.

"We think that a lot of these franchises have the ability to have lots of different types of games, lots of different types of experiences," Brack said.

Brack also acknowledged that Blizzard is looking to create brand-new franchises as well. The company doesn't do that often. When it was released in 2016, Overwatch was Blizzard's first new IP since Diablo about 18 years prior.

"That’s a long time to go without creating a new franchise," Brack acknowledged. "So we want to create more games in our franchises and we do want to think about new franchises as well."

J. Allen Brack took over as Blizzard's new president after founder Mike Morhaime left the company last year.

Blizzard's next big event is Blizzcon 2019 in November. There is no word on what Blizzard may show, but the company is surely hoping to have a better showing than in 2018 when the company unveiled the mobile game Diablo Immortal to a mixed reaction.

In other news, the Overwatch League's commissioner recently left Blizzard to join Epic to work on Fortnite.

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All of the new games are mobile crap. They've already told us as much.

Avatar image for Bloodwolf_19

It would be really cool if Blizzard made a Diablo-type game of World of Warcraft. If they did it like EQ: Champions of Norrath Return to Arms (which came out on PlayStation 2), you pick your race, then class, then customize character, it would great to see the game have an option of telling the story in WoW but not requiring internet. Don't seem like it would be too hard for them either, considering their long standing with producing Diablo series, and games like Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms (PS2), Sacred Gold (PC) as 2 great examples of ways to expand on their dungeon crawling game style with more openness, not so linear. :)

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@Bloodwolf_19: Don't hold your breath. See above.

Been wishing for a Champions of Azeroth myself, but they're not gonna complete with their own Diablo franchise by creating a clone.