Blizzard Remedies Character Bug

Blizzard announces that it will restore characters that have disappeared as a result of a bug in Diablo II.


Diablo II
Yesterday, a Blizzard representative made a post to Blizzard's Diablo II message board to address the problems involving hardcore characters dying and losing items, and normal characters losing experience, skill points, and items. The Blizzard representative stated that these problems were caused by a bug that has been corrected and that the company plans to repair affected characters. On January 8, Blizzard will revive all hardcore characters - along with their experience points, skills, and items - that died between December 19 and January 1. This only applies to hardcore characters that died in the specified time period. Characters that lost experience, skill points, or items will be able to manually flag their characters to be restored back to their state as of December 19. Blizzard will be posting additional information concerning manual flagging of characters on the Diablo II message board tomorrow.

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