Blizzard polling for Protoss designs

It could be argued that the Protoss received the short end of the stick when Blizzard decided to bust up its long-awaited Starcraft II real-time strategy title into a trilogy. Though the faction will most assuredly make its presence known by way of Starcraft II's tournament-oriented multiplayer...


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It could be argued that the Protoss received the short end of the stick when Blizzard decided to bust up its long-awaited Starcraft II real-time strategy title into a trilogy. Though the faction will most assuredly make its presence known by way of Starcraft II's tournament-oriented multiplayer mode, the Protoss' story has been relegated to the final installment in the trifecta.

As a measure of consolation, Blizzard is giving fans of the faction an opportunity to weigh in on the appearance of the Protoss dark templar unit. By way of the Irvine, California studio's Web site, fans can choose between two different dark templar models for use in the multiplayer component, each of which is modeled after a different tribe from the Starcraft universe. The site doesn't mention any gameplay differences between the two.

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The first model represents the Lenassa tribe, better known as the dark templar unit from the original Starcraft. The unit is characterized by the long warp blade protruding from its left arm, as well as a charcoal-colored shroud draped about its face. The second model portrays the Zer'atai tribe, which favors dual scythes as well as heavy armor accessorized by Zerg bones. Gamers can also choose a third option, in which both tribes will be included and a random model generates when a dark templar is built.

The Terran campaign, Wings of Liberty, is slated to lead off the Starcraft II trilogy--whenever Blizzard is good and ready to release it--followed by the Zerg-focused Heart of the Swarm. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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No way angre the first will start at 49.99 i have no doubt on that. The other two most likely will cost 29.99 since they act as expansion packs in the sense that the only add on is a new campaign since you'll already get online and skirmish(hopefully) will all three races. The lowest price would be 19.99 but in a business perspective that isn't wise, they'd be loosing money more then anything. 29.99 for the other two is the way to go cause that's what most expansions start off at then they eventually lower down depending on how well it is selling. Honestly 39.99 is to high I dont think ppl are willing to spend that much hell I'm not if they are 39.99 That's too much if all your getting is a new campaign grant they say it is going to be a really long and an in depth campaign.

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I think that the prices of the three will be a bit reduced, but I cudd be wrong. We can all hope :]

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If ya'll read anything blizzard isn't making this game's graphics to stress computers, and get ppl to buy new ones, they want ppl that do not have the high end computers to also enjoy this game, so to all you ppl that think 3 separate games are crazy, well spending 110 dollars for 3 games that will have amazing game play that won't need the latest technology, or spending 1500 dollars on other games that do require that technology, idk honestly i'll take the 3 games for 110 then buying a whole new rig. and if you are spending 1500 for a computer wow you need to take a pill, i built mine for under a grand with all the latest technology, besides the intel i7 and the new nvidia graphic cards which i hope to get eventually, and every game that has been released from crysis to dead space to fallout 3 look beautiful.

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God stop complaining about the whole 3 parts to starcraft seriously go whine somewhere else, money hungry or not, a company has to make money some how. Secondly, you DO NOT have to buy all three, the first one Wings of liberty will be able to play online WITH ALL FACTIONS, and most likely they will have all three factions for skirmish mode, the 3 part series is for the campaign which you don't have to get. Will I? Hell yeah i love online, but for me a game is about the single player, the campaign. Because of that the other 2 parts won't sell at 49.99 they will sell either at 29.99 or 39.99. If Blizzard is smart they'd charge you 29.99. And if what they say is true that each campaign has a story of it's own, and it's a in depth storyline and a lot of game play then 29.99 isn't that bad. But like I said, it's only for the campaign and you are not forced to buy it if you do not. I love starcraft, the storyline and everything about it, so yes I'll get all three so I can get the full storyline.

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the game coulda' been good, but the a-holes at bliz' decided to go for a cash grab and split the game up into three parts instead. as a near life-long bliz' fan it saddens me to say that this is one time I wont be lining their greedy pockets with gold. see also plans for bnet2's cash grabbing user fee system. This may be a title that will just get downloaded, cracked and played on LAN (not that I would do that...).

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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The first one is better imo. It's like the original one, and a single blade is what a real assassin would carry. The dual blade is stupid and impractical. I dislike the second one's combat animation too, it looks like he's some sort of medicine man attempting to beat the crap out of something. (Reminds me of the Myth: The Fallen Lords journeyman hehe). Improvements: Make the single blade blue and bigger, and give him the long cape that the original had :D (I liked the cape, ok? :P). I wouldn't be opposed to having them be random, though. Variety is good :). I'm glad the game looks less world-of-warcrafty like it did when we first saw it back in May '07. Keep up the good work Blizzard. Countering other peoples arguments: 1. The graphics are fantastic, and as with all Blizzard games, I'm certain it will run on old hardware and super hardware alike. 2. Yes, its taking forever to release this game, but under all circumstances, I would rather have a fantastic game that is released 2 years late, then a crappy disappointment released early. Good games take time.

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"Its ridiculous, how long they need to develop this game. Game looks dated already. see this as first Blizz flop." LOLOLOL are you serious? do you pay attention to anything?? This game is going to go gold even if it sucks... which it won't. Are you aware the original is still played in Korea as a sport? And I don't see what you mean by it looks dated... it looks like sc1 with new units and new graphics, which is all i wanted anyway.. BTW: VOTE LENASSA

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guess first pic would look cleaner starcraft II is guna be great, i laugh at people who have crappy rigs that also cry like babies

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If you need to spend $1500 on a new rig to play a rehashed RTS then it's time to get a new favorite game because that is just rediculous.

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Why don't they just steal the art direction from the Eldar in Warhammer 40k? That's what they did to come up with the whole Protoss idea anyways.

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Ew... So is the Starcraft 2 art design supposed to resemble a children's cartoon or is that a fluke?

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Its ridiculous, how long they need to develop this game. Game looks dated already. see this as first Blizz flop.

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Freakin awesome... I like the dual bladed weapon better....

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I like Zerg and Protoss both pretty equally though probably a higher preference for Zerg because the look awesome and swarms are fun. But DT's where definitely one of my favorite Protoss units and hence im glad Blizzard gave the fans some influence on their look.

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Ok so far we have established this: -Both models, randomized -blue blades -longer blade on the first one -lose the warcrafty cartoonyness -more realism and detail -more graceful agile looking armor, less bubbly (personally i think its fine maybe a little bubbly on the shoulder pads) -more translucent

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$1500 for a gaming rig? Where do people buy parts...

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This game is taking too damm long to finish. By the time this game is ready for release, i'll probably have a degree, career, family, and kids. And there's no way I'm shelling out another $1500 for a PC gaming rig. But if they decide to make it for the consoles..that's a different story.

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I think the first one except the blade should be longer. He looks too much like a regular zealot. The cool thing about DTs are their long sword that looks like it could cleave someone in half.

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this game is taking too long seriusly come on ive been waiting on this 4 ages......blizzard you have failed me.

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My favorite protoss unit (from Brood War), the Dark Templar!

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agree, blue blade... the DT from the Lenassa tribe could be the standard dark templar and the DT from the Zer'atai tribe could be the developed dark templar, with the defense a attack upgrades done, but that probably would require a lot from the computer. OR the Zer'atai tribe DT could come out every 3 DT trained. both of them look very good and since they are doing the pole why not including both!?

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green blade looks dumb, it should be blue

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random FTW. but both are kinda lame, too bubbly and not realistic enough. its starcraft not WoW...

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Both is better.

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Why not make it randomized?Gives it more variety.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Two is better than one, so I guess the third option will win.

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Oh man! This game won't be coming out any time soon. Pity!

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I think it would be better if there were some setting that changed it to your liking, because I really don't like #2. But that doesn't mean others shouldn't get it. The random thing is next best I guess.

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random is better, but I would prefer the fourth option (if there was one of course) where you can select from Gateway which one to produce.

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I don't care for PC games at all!!!!

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For me, Starcraft became Mehcraft the moment Dawn Of War came along and reminded everyone what the Daddy of all future war settings looked like. Sort of like what WAR did to WoW for me, really, though I've left MMOspace behind at last, praise the Emperor.. :) Mind you- randomise the models. 2 perfectly good models for the price of one, what's not to like? If you like that sort of thing, of course.

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It's an interesting idea to get the fans to pick which design they like better. But personally, if it's just this one unit, then I don't think it's enough of a voice for the fans. It's still pretty cool though, go Blizzard!

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first one, easy

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Where the hell is the game? You've not you've..... not enough interest Blizzard. lol Over 4 years of development and we don't get at least a demo.

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just one question... when the hell will it be released??

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3rd option FTW, baby.

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I personally prefer the look of the cybernetic Ballsac tribe

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This is actually a very good idea and helps the fans to make their voice heard to the developers. Hopefully we will be seeing more of this in the future. :P

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Not enough of a difference for me to really care.

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Zerg>Terran>Protoss Funkamatic64>Gifted_One

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Terran > Toss > Zerg

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I like the option of random

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Shouldn't the DT be more like... a DT... You know... more translucent. I have to say... I wish the went for more a raw look with the game. Like.. More bad ass. Less Warcrafty

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The second one reminds me of predator a lot

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I like the second one more personally.