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Blizzard planning complete Diablo lore book

Comic-Con 2011: Developer's story and franchise chief Chris Metzen says compendium novel will serve as complete resource for demonic fantasy universe.


SAN DIEGO--Blizzard Entertainment will be hosting its annual fan expo BlizzCon in early September, where the game company will open up about all the latest and greatest on its Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo franchises. However, Blizzard hasn't been entirely absent from Comic-Con 2011, as it held a panel to show off its most recent developments on all the loot that surrounds the game.

The Diablo compendium, for all your unholy source book needs.
The Diablo compendium, for all your unholy source book needs.

In particular, Blizzard talked up its line of novels based on the Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo franchises. Though nearly all of this information had been previously announced, Blizzard's senior VP of story and franchise development Chris Metzen said that the studio plans to release an official source book for the Diablo franchise alongside Diablo III's as-yet-unestablished launch.

The Diablo compendium is being positioned as the journal of Deckard Cain, the wizened advisor to characters in the game. The book includes an extensive rundown of lore and history for the Diablo franchise, ranging from class descriptions to notable people.

Check back later for the full video of Blizzard's Comic-Con 2011 swag show.

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