Blizzard makes a smart choice, delays Warcraft movie to 2016

December to March can make a big difference.

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Back at Blizzcon, Blizzard announced that the movie based on their Warcraft IP would be coming out on December 18, 2015. As an Internet savvy reader of pop culture news, you may have recognized this as an incredibly terrible idea, because that's the same date slated for Star Wars: Episode VII.

Fortunately, Blizzard has come to its senses and realized that going up against one of the biggest properties in nerd culture on the eve of its rebirth would be a bad idea. The new date for the Warcraft film, according to the official World of Warcraft Twitter, is March 11, 2016.

We learned more details about the movie's Orcs vs. Humans plot at Blizzcon earlier this year, and we also talked to Blizzard about their goals for the film. But at least fans will have the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Warlords of Draenor, to tide them over.

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Keeping it in the headlines consistently is a tempting to the company, but it ultimately hurts the film. People end up fatigued in hearing about it, and when it arrives it is inevitably an anti-climax.

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Since in WoW the lore has changed the Warcraft universe such that no Hordie can speak common, I wonder how they will communicate in the movie? Will alliance and horde be unable to talk to each other, and Horde will speak Orcish and subtitled?

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I see Blizzard is taking the same approach to making movies as it does to making games: take forever, and release things 6 years too late, if at all.

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I still put some hope for a decent movie, im not expecting the blockbuster of the century but as long as they take they're time and don't rush it, maybe it might come out okay.

And those who say only cos its surely gonna be about wow and thus it sucks all i can say is "Haters gonna hate".

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Blizzard needs to admit it that this movie is never coming and video games that get stuck in development hell for 10+ years never turn out good anyway, Duke Nukem is a very good example of that...

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I expect this one to come out. The director behind this one is pretty intent on getting this done, and he's already looking at a cast.

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D3 is a better example

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Hmm. I must have clicked the wrong link. I thought I was reading the news section where facts and quotes, rather than journalistic opinions, are reported.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> wrong web site friend, this is GS, where facts are an afterthought, and copy paste is the norm.

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A smarter choice would have been to cancel it all together.

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dangit, i was hoping it would never happen at all. some games just werent meant to make it to the big screen.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> telltale games back to the future game was brilliant. it was well made and true to the original movies. some movies can make great games if the company is doing the work to get it right. too many don't.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> i disagree. there are a few exceptions like the first silent hill, the first mortal kombat, final fantasy vii: advent children, prince of persia: the sands of time, the first tomb raider, hitman, etc. one or two of those may be arguable but the myth that there is no such thing as a good movie based on a game property is just plain false. there are some out there who, believe it or not, actually take time and care and make proper judgements during the production and planning of the film in relation to the game history's intellectual assets

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Does anyone care? I mean, seriously, even WoW fans know this will suck.

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Well, guess what. Unlike in Diablo 3, this time Chris Metzen actually cares about the story. So there is hope. I have read a few things about this and I got the impression they mean it. Which not necessarily has to resolve in success. But Blizzard isn't stupid. Give them a chance!

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Still only renting it.

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I imagine the interest in WoW would decline quite a bit between now and 2016.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Even with Warlords and the next expansion after that, the subs will probably be at 4 million by 2016.

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I honestly didn't know people still played WoW. A movie is a BAD idea too. General public won't be interested in a WoW movie, anyone who has heard the name WoW that doesn't play the game will automatically think "oh its a video game movie, nevermind". Then they move the release date because of Star Wars...what's wrong Blizzard, do you not have confidence in your franchise? You go through all the trouble of making a movie because you believe there is a demand for it and that you have an audience...but then backtrack because you realize that in reality the only people willing to pay money for a WoW movie are people who play WoW and would give you money regardless (Zombies). And last point...WoW players are basement dwellers...they don't go OUTSIDE and PAY for movies...they download them for free.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> I get where you're coming from. I had some of the same initial thoughts. BUT you have to remember that this is not a WOW movie, but a Warcraft movie. The Warcraft franchise has been around since the 90's and continues to expand. It may not break records in theaters but there will be a huge brand following.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Another thing to note is that subscription numbers in 2016 are not that important. Anyone who ever played the game, will likely have some interest in seeing it. I haven't played WoW in years, and I have very little desire to go back, but I'm still interested in checking this out. It could end up being horrible (which is well within the realm of possibility), but it might also be interesting.

With any luck, if the movie is any good, it might actually reinvigorate WoW subscriptions for a few months.

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The smart choice would be cancelling this shit movie and spending the money on an actual game to maybe try getting some of the 9 million customers who have abandoned Blizzard to come back. Obviously they can't make a new Warcraft game and Starcraft has been ruined but they could always do something unheard of - like make a new game.

Or they could bring back Lost Vikings.

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We all know how much success they have had turning video games into movies. From Super Mario to Max Payne, a quick trip to the $5 bargain bin at Wall Mart is coming.

Given that movie directors are not gamers, they always have a hard time translating what made the video game so great into another format.

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@AzureBonds76 Good point, because while their both a form of art. Games and Movies are consumed in two entirely different ways.

One is a passive form of entertainment and the other is an active involved process.

So trying to take what makes the game great and capture that into a movie I really do believe it probably beyond most directors specially since as you mentioned most are not gamers.

What you usually end up with is a hollow shell of a movie.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Yup. I am ashamed to admit but I have seen many of them. Sometimes it's like an auto accident where you can't help but look.

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<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> Mortal Kombat was alright. Street Fighter was retarded, and legend of chun li not much better. Mario was horrible, Hitman was horrible, never saw Bloodrayne, and if I've seen others, they weren't bad enough to remember. Tron?

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No, the smart move would be to admit a Live Action WoW movie was a stupid idea and the time and era for it to have possibly been a financial success has come and gone and wash their hands of the idea...

Delaying it and putting more money into it is the LAST thing I would call a smart move.

Perhaps during the peak of WoW could you have pulled this off and then simply relied on the Subscription base of WoW to turn a profit on this.

Now its become the Duke Nukem of Video Game movies. Forever delayed and we all kinda know its going to be a PoS on arrival but at this point were curious to HOW stinky a turd it turns out to be.

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@Unholy123 Sorry, not sure what business and/or film industry credentials you possess, so I don't know on what you're basing your opinion on - but personally I don't think a live-action WoW movie is a dumb idea -at all-. With an IP as big as WoW, I feel that the dangers would all be in the execution, if anything. It's a massive name, a massive world, with a massive following. They [Blizzard] have a hype-train to keep up with.

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@Mausingen Sigh really? I have to explain why live action adaptations of video games to movies are an already shaky bet (look at the history of them and see if you can pick out any winners) and why trying to sell a Movie to the MMO crowd based on their game is dubious at best?

Don't get me wrong I believe the Warcraft universe has the lore to support an interesting story there's meat on that bone no doubt but... really I cannot believe your questioning why someone would doubt its a good idea...

I mean look at how many people have already walked away from this project no one has any faith in it hence the delay as to not even try and compete with other films for peoples movie money.

Star Wars while a big name isn't the biggest name in film anymore 1-3 really tarnished their reputation and if they had ANY faith in this they wouldn't push it back whenever you see studios movie release dates to avoid competition it means they know its trash.

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@Unholy123 The biggest problem with this movie will be, and I guarantee you this, they will completely fudge the WC1 and prior story and make up some stupid hollywood shit. So there will end up not being a dark portal, a possessed medivh, a possessed ner'zhul, the humans of azeroth will be lame, and it will fail to live up to the source material - the same basic hurdle all game-to-movie or book-to-movie film adaptations fail to overcome.

Not to mention it's only one movie. You can't tell the story of WC1 and 2 in one movie.

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Duncan Jones is the only reason I'm slightly interested in this film. Although I don't expect anyone on here to have the slightest clue about cinema.

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And you are a cinema veteran? Last part of your comment was quite cocky and unnecessary, while what you said about Jones I agree. He makes me hopeful that this movie could be more than a mediocre fantasy flick.

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The funniest thing would be Disney also changing their release to March 11th. Lol

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This has the potential to be an animated series...not a movie. The lore is too great for a 90 to 120 minute film...

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this is so blizzard

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A smarter choice would be the cancellation of any game-related movies.

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<< LINK REMOVED >> Indeed.

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So Star Wars pushed them off the date, then. I guess they couldn't pressure them to release it later.

I wouldn't be surprised by a delay, anyways.