Blizzard Has Made It Easier to Protect Your Account

The mobile authenticator doesn't require you to enter a code anymore.


It was easy to miss among the flurry of E3 news late last week, but Blizzard made an important announcement for those that have been hesitant to use its mobile authenticator. In short, it's now easier than ever to protect your account, meaning your World of Warcraft and Diablo III characters, Hearthstone decks, Overwatch progress, and all the rest.

Blizzard has offered a mobile authenticator for some time. This is an app that serves as a sort of secondary password--it generates a frequently changing code you need to enter when accessing your account. But that process can be somewhat inconvenient, no doubt leading to some people skipping it altogether. However, with an update for the authenticator that's now available, it couldn't be much easier to use.

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The one-touch authenticator allows you to permit access to your account by simply tapping a button on your mobile device. This saves you the trouble of accessing the app and then typing in the code on your computer. You can even have it simply pop up with a notification on the device (or your smartwatch) that you can hit Accept from.

If you'd prefer, you can still rely on the old-style authenticator, but for those looking to secure their account without much inconvenience, this looks like an ideal way to go.

Just remember that if you're switching phones or want to get rid of the authenticator, don't simply delete the app. You can find instructions for removing it here.

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