Blizzard files trademark application for "Cute But Deadly"

Application covers everything from milk bottle caps to socks.


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World of Warcraft and Diablo studio Blizzard Entertainment has filed a trademark application with the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for "Cute But Deadly."

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The application covers a range of goods and services, including milk bottle caps, socks, t-shirts, papercraft, and action figures, among other things.

"Cute But Deadly" is not likely the name of a new Blizzard Entertainment game, as the application does not mention video games in any capacity.

A Blizzard Entertainment representative was not immediately available to comment on how it plans to use the trademark.

The next new release from Blizzard Entertainment will be the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of Diablo III, which are set to launch on September 3. Next-generation versions will follow in 2014, according to a recent report.

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Avatar image for LWLeviathon

The names for the figures that they showed at Comic Con.

Avatar image for Justforvisit

Blizzard, how about you try this instead:

"Rich but Stupid"

Avatar image for minty_cbo

" "Cute But Deadly" is not likely the name of a new Blizzard Entertainment game, as the application does not mention video games in any capacity. "

Hurry.. someone make the game,,, "Cute but deadly" and make it out of Blizzard-like characters...and make it a spoof of all 3 ip's some of activision's others......
make it extra funny/cheesy...
Cute But Deadly : Tony Hawk's World of Diablo 3 Craft of Duty
(I know only the cute but deadly part would fly...but it is all about the lulz right?)

Avatar image for Kisalon

@LuigiisTeepee Ahhh but Wildstar's Chua is cute but deadly! :)

Avatar image for Jjinne

When they saw how much money could be made after copying pokemon, they realized children are the only ones stupid enough to buy into their product lines any more. It'll be interesting to see how many more millions of players quit their games after the next 6 month block of subs runs out.

Avatar image for LesserAngel

Proof that Blizzard is losing it's relevance in the video game industry.

Avatar image for blackothh


Avatar image for northArrow

Is Blizzard even a game company anymore?

Avatar image for blackothh

@northArrow they are a starcraft company now

Avatar image for soulfulDAGGER

Wait. Wha? Surely this is a clue for Titan, right? I hope not.

Avatar image for MatrixGamer78

How long Blizzard would survive with 3 IP's only??? Soon Blizzard will be dead as they didn't create any new IP from last two decades.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@MatrixGamer78 Blizzard has only ever had 3 ips. Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo. Lost Vikings and other things were always temporary.

Avatar image for valknight

@Grenadeh @MatrixGamer78 True, but up until recent they were exceptionally good at their 3 IPs.

Avatar image for MatrixGamer78

No new IP **** u Blizzard.

Avatar image for jessie82

chainsaw lollipop or w.e comes to mind..

Avatar image for wexorian

Mix words maybe there's something there ....... Nope

Avatar image for aovannor

Blizzard know that tapping the young uns is the key to success.. because all us oldies are getting wise to everyone's bullshit.

Avatar image for _el_Greco_

@aovannor Though we can't know for sure, it does seem like that's what they're trying to do... And if that's the case, then it's pretty sad. It's the eleventh hour and Blizzard definitely needs to make a come-back. I refuse to believe that this developer has forgotten or doesn't care about its old fanbase. But every year they just seem to give me another reason to think that way.

Avatar image for Mega_Skrull

Milk bottlecaps? Heehee, Ubisoft would love those for Assassin's Creed...

Ok, I know where the exit is.

Avatar image for jessie82

@Mega_Skrull dont forget about fallout

Avatar image for Mega_Skrull

@jessie82 @Mega_Skrull Aw, allow me to politely disagree. I love FO3 and New Vegas, and I can't possibly consider it milking with the time they take to release them

Avatar image for ioshilee

MLP meets Diablo? :)

Avatar image for FlawlessGoBot

This is what happens when you mix alcohol with trademark applications.

Avatar image for Erebus

Hmmm.... that's hot

Avatar image for NightOfInsomnia

This is what happens when Blizzard gets bored.

Avatar image for yourdem1ze

childrens book?

Avatar image for acelogan1989


Avatar image for commanderxp90

Please trademark it for "Here Free Games are!"

Avatar image for msfan1289

im going to trademark Boats before Disney dose. ( Cars, Planes get it)

Avatar image for jyml8582

In that case, I'm going to trademark "Biatch Wanna Sex You Down" for no particular raisin.

Avatar image for RicanV

@jyml8582 Is there such a thing as a specific raisin?

Avatar image for Bigryse18


Avatar image for _el_Greco_

I agree with some of the people here that this phrase is a bit too generic to be trademarked. Either way, I think it has to do something with this children's book:

Avatar image for Kisalon

@_el_Greco_ seem very likely that it has something to do with that book yes.

Avatar image for Bhemont

@LuigiisTeepee lol was thinking this might be linked somehow, what the hell...

Avatar image for Lambchopzin


Avatar image for Dorimant

This sounds akin to Disney's stunt with attempting to trademark 'Día de los Muertos'. Completely out of left field and just plain weird...

Avatar image for AshTrai

Is it even possible to trademark a well used saying like that?

Avatar image for Kisalon

@leimonides Totally agree with you. May the force be with you my young one.

Avatar image for Saketume

obvious fart joke

Why blizzard? Expecting to release more crap?

Avatar image for Juon408

Oh, they'll lose. I doubt they own any of those chick shirts with the phrase on it.

Avatar image for CatAtomic999

This is the tagline for their next game, a lighthearted dating simulator about a young romeo with AIDS.

Avatar image for Barrakas21

Fucking blizz. shove that mercandise up your ass fucking milkers.

Avatar image for PCsama

i don't know what to say now..pass

Avatar image for NeverMore0

I didn't know Blizzard was making merchandise about my ex-girlfriend...

Avatar image for KiLLLeR150

Sounds more like Activision, less like Blizzard. The last real part of Blizzard either died when they got bought, or will die when StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is released.

Avatar image for Kisalon

@KiLLLeR150 Havnt really heard Activision trademarking anything "stupid" or doing anything stupidish... Blizzard on the other hand...

Avatar image for berserker66666

A kid farted. "Cute But Deadly". A German Shepard. "Cute But Deadly". Me reading this article at 3..30 in the morning. "Cute But Deadly".

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