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Blizzard Details Diablo 4 Season 1's Overpowered Malignant Hearts

Get ready to steal some hearts on July 20.


Diablo IV's Season of the Malignant is right around the corner, and now Blizzard has shared more details on the powerful, gem-like items players will be chasing as part of the ARPG's first season.

Malignant Hearts, as the items are called, come in four forms and each drops from monsters who share the same heart-type in their name. Vicious Hearts will drop from Vicious Malignant monsters, for example, and will grant offensive powers. Brutal Hearts will grant defensive power. Devious Hearts will grant utility-based powers. The rarest of the four, Wrathful Hearts, are labeled as granting a "super power."

In its latest developer update livestream, Blizzard said that Malignant Hearts will grant effects akin to Legendary powers and can be slotted into gear like gems. That, as one might imagine, will allow for some "stupid, broken" new builds, according to Blizzard.

However, unlike gems, each Malignant Heart type sports a specific color and can only be slotted into gear with a socket-type of the same color. What makes Wrathful Hearts so powerful is that they can be slotted into any piece of gear, regardless of color type. Blizzard said as part of its recent livestream that players will want to be using Malignant Hearts of all four types for a well-rounded build.

As for what specific effects Malignant Hearts will grant, Blizzard has so far kept those details to itself. What we do know is that there will be 32 different Malignant Heart powers to collect and choose from. Players will gain hearts from defeating Malignant enemies, and then must complete a ritual using a Heart Cage in order to transform the heart into a usable Malignant Heart power.

Diablo IV Season of the Malignant will arrive on July 20 and will introduce a seasonal quest line that Blizzard has described as a "side story" to the game's main campaign. In order to participate in seasonal content and earn Malignant Hearts, players will need to have first completed the campaign on at least one character. That will allow players to skip the campaign on future characters and jump straight into the new Season of Malignant content.

In addition to completing the campaign, here are other ways you can prepare for Season of the Malignant and a full breakdown of how Diablo IV's seasons and battle pass work. Blizzard recently encouraged players who have run out of things to do in Diablo IV to "take a break," and said that new seasons will be great jumping on points for returning players.

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