Blizzard Denies Diablo: Reign Of Terror Is A BlizzCon Leak

A reign of terror is really the worst kind of reign.

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We may see some form of Diablo announcement at BlizzCon this year, but a set of merchandise with a new name isn't an accidental leak, according to the studio. A set of new items listed on the Blizzard Gear Store raised eyebrows with a conspicuous subtitle: "Diablo Reign of Terror." However, Blizzard has told GameSpot these are not related to any new content being prepared for the show.

The items include a poster and a men's and women's T-shirt, all showing the frightful visage of the series namesake himself. That raised suspicions that "Reign of Terror" could be the subtitle of a new game or expansion, especially given that Diablo hasn't had either since Reaper of Souls in 2014. But not so, says Blizzard.

"These are names and copy used for some of the new products available at BlizzCon this year, and not direct references to content at the show," a spokesperson told GameSpot.

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We first began expecting to see a Diablo announcement due to Blizzard's own schedule for BlizzCon 2018. The "Diablo: What's Next" panel follows first after the main stage keynote. The existence of a "What's Next" panel itself isn't telling--just about every ongoing Blizzard game gets one--but coming just after the main stage presentation is usually reserved for the biggest announcement of the event. Diablo also has a second planned panel about the world of Diablo, scheduled for the following day.

Blizzard has previously indicated it has multiple Diablo projects in the works. We know about one of them, since Diablo 3 was announced for Nintendo Switch, but the phrasing definitely implied more than one is in development. "Some of them are going to take longer than others, but we may have some things to show you later this year," said community manager Brandy Camel.

BlizzCon 2018 kicks off on Friday, November 2.

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Avatar image for jsprunk

Blizzard is assuring us that the upcoming Diablo announcement will not be anything as cool-sounding as "Reign of Terror".

Avatar image for lordomnius

Blizzard also vehemently denied working on a Diablo 3 switch port right up to the point they announced it complete with showing ingame footage, which basically means that Blizzard denials are completely worthless.

Avatar image for dashaka

I hope it’s diablo 4 and not some sort of diablo MMO. Not because I don’t think it would be good, but because diablo is my all time favorite franchise (mostly 1 and 2) and I would lose a lot of time on that game. I’d prefer something that is less of a time consumer.

Avatar image for WingChopMasta

This big after keynote announcement is going to be a Diablo mobile game. Haha. and that stage will get rushed! It's going to be glorious.

I hope it's a nice expansion if anything. Doubt it'll be 4. I'll get this update when the Switch version is released since I'll have to start over on that account anyways. Get my daughter into it as well. Good times.

Avatar image for alien33

Just get rid of the awful, WoW-like, childish designs of D3.

Bring back the kickass art style of D1+2. Nothing like entering the monastery in Tristram and seeing all the nuns raped and butchered.

Avatar image for WingChopMasta

@alien33: So, it's more you want creepy beard neck stuff in your game over what it visually looks like? Dude, this is 2018. No one wants your pervy greaseball HeavyMetal style chick art crap anymore.

D2 doesn't look great. Stop pretending it does. Blizzard games always seem to bring out the 'Nostalgia brigaders'

Avatar image for alien33

@WingChopMasta: It doesn't matter if it's 1998 or 2018 .

D3 has kiddie graphics. D1+2 have awesome, gory, grimdark art that is miles better in every way.

Avatar image for brunorr

@WingChopMasta: lol kids these days...

Avatar image for jsprunk

@WingChopMasta: You should seriously consider punching yourself in the nuts at least once for every word you just wrote in the obscenely blasphemous reply.

Avatar image for Bryjoered07

@WingChopMasta: What he means is atmosphere. Diablo 3 had no atmosphere. Diablo 1 and 2 actually felt like demons had invaded the earth and if you ever have heard/read of something like Dante's Inferno, it's not some powder puff style. Yes, tormented corpses littering the earth would be much more inline with what we should expect from a hellspawn invasion of earth. And with this comes a much more gothic art style.

Avatar image for alien33

@Bryjoered07: Exactly. When it comes to demonic invasions these games hit in the nail right in the head.

Dismembered bodies and guts, blood on the walls, satanic symbols and hellish visages everywhere. That's how you create atmosphere.

Avatar image for xantufrog

@alien33: agreed!

Avatar image for mari3k

Nah there wont be a Diablo 4 ever, couse they cant beat PoE in arpg. However maybe something different in the Diablo universe, like Diablo Battle royale ^^

Avatar image for Baconstrip78

@mari3k: POE is terrible. Looks like a 15 year old game.

Avatar image for lordomnius

@Baconstrip78: That's only the first few acts. You seem like someone who never really spend time in it beyond the beginner regions. The newer zones are graphically far superior to Diablo 3.

Avatar image for Bryjoered07

@lordomnius: blatantly false, the animations in POE are DECADES behind diablo 3. Sorry to say, but the amount of money and polish that went into D3 is apparent at every turn compared to PoE. NOt to say PoE doesn't have depth because it does.

Avatar image for lordomnius

@Bryjoered07: Character animations have improved massively with the updates of the last few years. Spell animations and particularly the new areas themselves and the amazing art and textures of the surroundings have far surpassed anything that Diablo 3 has offered. Not saying that Diablo 3 sucks, I am also a Diablo fan and the strenght of Diablo is in it's pick up and play arcade style gameplay in my opinion.

But the old arguments that PoE is ugly and laggy don't hold up anymore, GGG has continiusly improved their game in performance and graphics much more agressively than Blizzard has and they have surpassed Diablo 3 in the graphics department in my opinion.

As far as the general discussion, I have very much doubts that it will be Diablo 4. A Diablo 4 at this point has little to offer and I think with WoW's rapidly declining numbers that Blizzard needs something more radical, which I think that the new Diablo will be, something radical (either an MMO or semi-mmo).

Avatar image for Bryjoered07

@lordomnius: The backlash on the new expansion is huge, but they absolutely still have 1M plus subscribers. I think it will be Diablo 4. There is an enormous market for Diablo, people forget that Diablo 3 sold 10M copies, unprecedented for a PC game at the time, and likely more than any WoW expansion.

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

"Rest assured, we are definitely not developing any new Diablo content"

Avatar image for DAOWAce

That's the original Diablo on that poster.. inferring either a remake/remaster or pointless mobile port of Diablo 1.

I'm all for updating games to modern standards (including ultrawide+, which Blizzard routinely wants to ignore and claims it's "cheating" at every turn), but re-releasing the same game for profit just isn't going to get you many buyers. I mean, you can only replay the same game so many times.

I'd rather a Diablo 4 that functioned like Diablo 2, which is what we all wanted from D3. Or World of Diablo/Starcraft, something we all theorized about over a decade ago.

Or Starcraft: Ghost. Damn what a disappointment the cancellation (or 'indefinite hold') of that game was.

Avatar image for Baconstrip78

@DAOWAce: I don’t want a D2 remaster masquerading as D4. I personally like the skill/rune system over the old skill point system. Witch Doctor is also easily the best class of any Diablo game.

All I want in D4 is more varied environments, more monster variety, and please please get rid of the gimmick of making elite sniping builds the top rift pushing builds.

Avatar image for chazeverett

Reign of Terror" could be the subtitle of a new game or expansion, especially given that Diablo hasn't had either since Reaper of Souls in 2014.

Thats a flat out lie rise of the necromancer was the last expansion and yes it was an expansion before people say it isnt it came out in 2017 not to mention diablo 3 comes out with small free expansions all the time always adding new things so to say hasnt had any expansions since 2014 is a lie who ever wrote this hasnt played or even researched diablo 3 before posting this people really need to research before posting things

Avatar image for DarkAztaroth

@chazeverett: First regular updates and patches shouldn't really count as expansions, else wow about 20 times more expansions than we know of and the word expansion would lose its meaning.

Necromancer is also considered dlc rather than expension by most people I know due to the scope of it.

Then again, I really hope it's not an expansion for D3

Avatar image for jyml8582

Probably a disappointing mobile spinoff.

Avatar image for atopp399

@jyml8582: I wouldn't be surprised. It would be disappointing.

Avatar image for ganondorf77

Remasters, DLCs and "Touch" ports for Diablo are coming. Hope any of those become true, ever.

Why people want remasters at all? If you want to play, play it, it's still possible without doing anything special. We should be asking for a full AAA D4, free of social craps and side payments, and Blizz should spend all their efforts on that. Not wasting a single dollar in remasters. And it's a bad practice overall. I play D2 every now and then already and I don't want to pay more for the same experience. I should not be tempted to do so, and the worse part, community should not be split at all in those that give money without thinking again and again, and those that pay for experiences, concepts, games itself, as it should be. It really are bad practices. And a D4 well done, with trade and good endgame mechanics (that we are still waiting for someone to invent), will erase the need and hype, if any, of playing at all D1 or D2, in any form.

If any form of D2 remaster is coming, should come as a free patch, and that's it.

Avatar image for DarkAztaroth

@ganondorf77: They'd prolly want some money from a proper D2 remaster (not just resolution increases like some games, thats a damn disgusting cashgrab)

I'd like a remastered D2 with an expansion and without bots I guess, but it would eff up the storyline, so its prolly not happening. Tbh I don't trust em too much after D3, especially not to go back to horror'ish, they made nephalems feel like the most overpowered people around.

Avatar image for obnice

are they still remastering diablo 2? or was that a dream i had?

Avatar image for Branden_Lucero

remember when people thought BioShock 2's subtitle was Sea of Dreams? yeah. that never happened.

Avatar image for darkelf83

Just like they said “We can assure you we’re not that clever,” about the Diablo tweet that led people to speculate it coming to Switch.

Avatar image for shadowwarrior4

Diablo Reign of Terror ?

sounds like that could be a title for the remastered version of the first diablo , heres hoping it is

Avatar image for DN3D1997


Won't mind II remastered,too.

Avatar image for linkblade91

@DN3D1997: The "Definitive Diablo Bundle" until they add a new game to the franchise: it contains a remastered Diablo and Diablo II (presumably with Diablo III's graphics engine), along with a rebuild of D3 such that it has the classic skill-tree setup.

I actually liked D3's system, but maybe this could be the olive-branch for those that did not.