Blizzard announces more GBA games

In addition to Lost Vikings, Blizzard Classic Arcade will release two more games for the GBA in 2003.


Blizzard recently 2884797revealed plans to release its SNES game The Lost Vikings for the Game Boy Advance. The new Blizzard Classic Arcade label has now announced that two more games, Blackthorne and Rock N' Roll Racing, will also be released for the GBA in 2003.

Rock N' Roll Racing, originally released for the Super Nintendo, puts players behind the wheel in a demolition-racing competition. There's a selection of tracks and cars, which can be outfitted with a variety of weaponry. The game will have two-player multiplayer support via a GBA Game Link cable.

Blackthorne is an adventure game with lots of action that puts players in the role of Kyle Blackthorne, a lethal commando who must battle mutant monsters and goblin hordes on a futuristic alien planet. Blackthorne was originally released for the PC, SNES, and Genesis.

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