Blizzard and TeSPA partner to strengthen collegiate esports efforts

The three founding members of the TeSPA organization have been brought on by Blizzard to strengthen non-professional esports initiatives.


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Tyler Rosen, co-founder of TeSPA with brother Adam Rosen and friend Chris Kelly, announced today that TeSPA and Blizzard had partnered to benefit non-professional, grassroots esports initiatives. Tyler Rosen wrote:

"TeSPA is pleased to announce that the organization’s founders, Adam and Tyler Rosen and Chris Kelly, have joined Blizzard Entertainment as official members of the company’s eSports team in a collaboration that will strengthen both organizations’ collegiate eSports initiatives. As part of a special arrangement with Blizzard, Adam, Tyler, and Chris will further focus their efforts around developing the expansive TeSPA network while also helping to tailor Blizzard’s own outreach initiatives."

The trio, now official employees of Blizzard, cited their major goal being to, "accelerate and enhance the growth of grassroots gaming communities everywhere..."

Despite being partnership and newfound employment from Blizzard proper, Tyler noted that TeSPA, which will still exist independently of the three, is committed to supporting gamers across all esports titles.

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