Blizzard Addresses Warlords of Draenor Server Problems

Server issues caused by large number of players in specific zones, and a DDOS attack.

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The launch of World of Warcraft expansion Warlords of Draenor has been plagued by server issues, which Blizzard has addressed in post today. Writing on the World of Warcraft forums, community manager Micah "Bashiok" Whiple provided an update on server issues which have surfaced "due to the sheer number of players attempting to enter Draenor from a single location." The post also states that Blizzard "ran into a few other issues, including a distributed denial of service attack, that resulted in increased latency."

In response to the problems Blizzard has temporarily lowered maximum realm populations, which has resulted in higher queue times on high population realms. "Our current biggest hurdle is the concentration of players in specific areas and zones, and an unexpected effect of that concentration on the realm stability... Work is progressing on improving realm stability through fixes targeting individual in-game issues, as well as on the backend game and network services." the post reads.

Earlier today the company stated that it was working to address the following issues:

  • Instance servers timing out, which may impact dungeon access
  • Continent server issues, which are resulting in Player Not Found and disconnection issues
  • Garrison server issues, which are resulting in phasing and performance issues

Warlords of Draenor was released today. Hours after the expansion's launch, several players had already hit the level 100 cap. Still on the fence about whether to pick up the expansion? Find out more about what's new in Warlords of Draenor with our preview.

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