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Blitz Games Studios closing down

United Kingdom-based TV and movie game developer behind Epic Mickey 2 shutting doors after 23 years in business; 175 people to be let go.


Blitz Games Studios--the United Kingdom-based developer behind numerous games based on TV and movie franchises--is closing down after 23 years. Founded in 1990, Blitz Games Studios encompassed divisions including Blitz Games, Blitz Arcade, and Volatile Games.

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Blitz Games Studios collaborated with Junction Point Studios on Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and ported the game to the PlayStation Vita.

In a statement today, Blitz Games Studios said it has ceased trading and that 175 developers had been let go. Of note, 50 of those 175 people will form a new studio to work on two of the developer's financially self-sustaining projects. More details will be released shortly.

"We have managed to weather numerous storms over the last two decades that have sadly seen the demise of many of our friends and colleagues across the industry, but the run of problems we've had to face over the last year is unlike any we've seen before," Blitz Games Studios cofounder and CEO Philip Oliver said. "Frustrations with clients, the global economic crisis, and more than our fair share of simple bad luck have all conspired against us and we are no longer able to continue trading."

Oliver said Blitz Games Studios management has "done all that we can do" to keep the company solvent, including coming "frustrating close" to having "major clients" sign on to commit investment for "significant" projects.

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