Bleem! Dreamcast Utility in Action

Bleem! releases comparison screens of Ridge Racer 4, showcasing the difference between the PlayStation original and a version running on the Dreamcast Bleem! utility.


One of the biggest and most curious announcements coming out of this year's E3 show was the unveiling of the Dreamcast Bleem! utility, a product that let's Dreamcast users play Sony PlayStation games on Sega's console. At the show, Bleem! had demos of Gran Tourismo 2 and Omega Boost running side by side on the competing platforms, and the difference in visual quality was blatantly visible. Both games were running on a 640x480 resolution, implementing the Dreamcast's advanced anti-aliasing functions to smooth out textures and edges.

Bleem! has now released some comparison shots showing images of both the PlayStation and Bleem!-enhanced Dreamcast versions of Namco's Ridge Racer IV. It is easily evident, from these images, how significantly the Bleem! utility enhances the visual quality of PlayStation games.

To complement the Dreamcast Bleem! utility the company will also release peripheral hardware products, including the Bleempad, a Dreamcast compatible controller that works with PlayStation games, and Bleempod, a device that lets gamers use their existing PlayStation controllers and memory cards with the Dreamcast.

GameSpot will continue to follow the production of the Dreamcast Bleem! utility through its projected summer 2000 release.

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