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Blazing Fast First-Person Aerial-Combat Game Strike Vector Coming to Xbox One, PS4

Xbox One and PlayStation 4 get Strike Vector EX this spring.


Strike Vector, a blazing fast aerial-combat game first released on PC last year, is coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as Strike Vector EX, indie developer RageQuit has announced.

The multiplayer-only Unreal Engine 4 game plays a lot like an arena shooter, only each player is piloting a customizable, mech-inspired ship that can instantly switch between a jet and hover mode, allowing you to zip around the game's huge maps quickly and with great precision.

"RageQuit Corporation's debut Xbox One and PS4 game has been fine tuned to provide instant feedback and tight console controls for players to light each other up amidst futuristic, industrial structures," RageQuit said in a press release. "Players gear up their ships to deploy specific strategies for each mission (paired with personal, bada$$ styles) to engage in frenetic multiplayer skirmishes."

Strike Vector EX is set to release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in summer 2015. You can buy the PC version of the game on Steam for $12.

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