Blair gives nod to gaming industry

UK Prime Minister believes his country is "creative capital of the world," praises industries including games.


Tony Blair has praised the UK's gaming industry in a speech he delivered on March 8 at the Tate Modern in London. He was speaking to a group of representatives of various arts and creative industries from the UK--including the interactive and games businesses.

As part of his statement, Blair noted, "Culture spans so many disciplines. I am very much aware of the contribution from every quarter. There is not a sector represented...which has not contributed to the renaissance of British culture."

UK trade body ELSPA and publisher Eidos both praised the speech. ELSPA's director general Paul Jackson, commenting on the Prime Minister's words, said, "It is good to hear the Prime Minister's speech and the government's recognition of the creative industries in Britain and their contribution to the culture and essence of the country. The games industry is a proud member of these industries."

Eidos creative director, Ian Livingstone, added, "Games are now viewed more positively and as the industry matures, the appeal of games is broadening with more and more people, young and old, male and female, enjoying games on many different devises as part of their entertainment mix."

The UK games industry employs approximately 25,000 people and contributes £2 billion per annum to the country's economy.

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