Blade Slices Into Stores

Activision announces that it has shipped its PlayStation vampire-hunting game to retail shelves.



Activision announced today that it has shipped Blade for the PlayStation to retail outlets. Based on the Marvel comic book, Blade is a third-person adventure game where the object is to hunt and destroy vampires. Blade features 21 levels and 32 different creatures. Weapons come in the form of ultraviolet grenades, swords, and guns with silver-tipped ammunition.

"The dark and foreboding atmosphere of the movie and the comic lends itself perfectly to a video game adaptation," said Marcus Iremonger, senior producer, Activision European Studios. "As the first games ever based on the property, the Blade titles remain true to their source with incredible stories and unabashed over-the-top action."

A Game Boy Color version of Blade is also shipping today. It features seven side-scrolling adventure levels, 18 enemy types, seven bosses, and three separate fighting styles. Blade for the PlayStation retails for US$39.99.

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