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Blade Runner Anime Series Is Happening

From the makers of Blade Runner Black Out 2022.


Blade Runner 2049 may not have been a big box office success, but it was an ambitious, visually stunning movie that was very well received by critics. And while a third movie might not be happening any time soon, it has been reported that an anime series based on the films is in development.

According to Variety, the show will be titled Blade Runner: Black Lotus, and will consist of 13 30-minute episodes. The show will take place in 2032--so between the original movie and the sequel--and will "include some established characters from the Blade Runner universe."

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Black Lotus is a joint venture between Alcon Television Group, who own the rights to Blade Runner, Adult Swim, and anime streaming platform Crunchroll. Adult Swim will distribute the English dubbed version of the series worldwide (excluding Asia), while subscribers to Crunchyroll will be able to stream the show there.

Blade Runner: Black Lotus will be directed Shinji Aramaki and Kenji Kamiyama, who have recently worked on a reboot of the anime classic Ghost in the Shell, and will be produced by Shinichiro Watanabe, director of Cowboy Bebop. This isn't Watanabe's first time working within the Blade Runner universe, as he wrote and directed Blade Runner Black Out 2022, the prequel short film released to promote Blade Runner 2049 last year.

In a statement, Adult Swim creative director Jason DeMarco said: "I first saw Blade Runner in 1982, at age 11. It has remained one of the defining films of my life. To be able to explore more of this universe, with the incredible talent we have on board, is a dream come true."

Blade Runner: Black Lotus does not currently have a premiere date.

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