Blade of Darkness multiplayer screens

Rebel Act releases new screenshots from its upcoming third-person action game.


Spanish developer Rebel Act Studios has released new screenshots from its now-complete medieval action game Blade of Darkness. The screenshots show off some views of the game's multiplayer mode, which supports up to four players over a LAN connection. Blade of Darkness, which went gold last week, features four playable fighters--the knight, the amazon, the dwarf, and the barbarian--each of which has a distinct style of fighting. The game supports a high level of interaction between characters and other objects in the environment--torches can be used as weapons and to light other objects on fire, and the severed limbs of opponents can be picked up and used as clubs. In addition, the game's 3D engine features real-time point-based lighting and shadows. For more information about Blade of Darkness, take a look at our collection of screenshots, movies, previews, and playable demos of the game.

Codemasters is publishing Blade of Darkness, which is scheduled for release next week. We'll post a full review of the game soon.

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