Blade of Darkness levels

Rebel Act Studios releases information about some of the levels featured in its upcoming action game. New screenshots inside.


Rebel Act Studios has released information about some of the levels found in Blade of Darkness, its upcoming action game. The game is based in a medieval fantasy world, and players assume the role of one of four types of fighters: the knight, the amazon, the dwarf, or the barbarian. Each character has a different style of combat, and the physics engine used in the game lets characters interact with a variety of objects. Furniture and barrels can be smashed, torches can be wielded as weapons or used to light objects on fire, and even the severed limbs of opponents can be picked up, thrown, or swung. In addition, the game features realistic shadows that are created by real-time point-source lighting.

Rebel Act has so far released information about three of the game's levels: the ruins, Kazel Zalam, and Kashgar. The ruins level is based on the architecture of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations, and it features wide-open exterior spaces as well as a complex network of underground tunnels. A large temple stands in the middle of the level, and four large pyramids surround it. Kazel Zalam is an ancient underground dwarven city consisting of grand halls and huge chambers connected by narrow passages. The dwarves guard their enormous wealth with clever traps and record their history and knowledge in large libraries. Kashgar is a winter settlement created by a nomadic tribe in the mountains. For years, the tribe buried its fallen warriors among the sacred rocks of the stone village, but in time, the tribe migrated to the south, leaving the burial ground behind.

For more information about Blade of Darkness, take a look at our collection of screenshots, playable demos, and in-depth previews of the game. Blade of Darkness will be published by Codemasters in late February.

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