BlackSite golden on Xbox 360, PC

Midway's modern-day sci-fi shooter to hit Microsoft-powered platforms November 12; PS3 version still slated for December.


BlackSite: Area 51

Yesterday, Midway reported a mostly dismal third quarter, which saw the publisher posting a $33.5 million loss on $36.7 million of revenue. Partially at blame for the lackluster performance was the delay of several of its high-profile titles out of the July-to-September window, including John Woo's Stranglehold for the PlayStation 3 and BlackSite: Area 51. While Stranglehold underwent a series of miscues on its release date, it appears BlackSite: Area 51 required only one.

Today, Midway announced that development has wrapped on the Xbox 360 and PC versions of BlackSite, and the two versions will meet their anticipated release date of November 12 in North America. The PS3 version of the game remains slated for December, "in time for the holidays."

Announced in January, BlackSite: Area 51 revisits the titular conspiracy-theory-rife military complex in Nevada for more alien-slaughtering action. The game features highly destructible environments à la Stranglehold, as well as squad-based gameplay and high-tech weaponry. In addition to playing the single-player campaign, gamers will be able to hop online for cooperative and competitive firefights.

BlackSite: Area 51 is rated T for Teen. A demo is currently available for the game on Xbox Live, with a second XBL sampler slated to release "soon" and a PS3 free trial penciled in for later this year.

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