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Blacklight: Tango Down sequel in the works - Report

Zombie Studios planning summer 2011 follow-up to just-released downloadable shooter with larger maps and controllable "mech-like vehicles."


Zombie Studios' multiplayer online shooter Blacklight: Tango Down is just out the door. It was released last week on Xbox Live Arcade, is scheduled to come to the PlayStation Network, and made its way to the PC today. However, the studio won't support the original with add-on content. Instead, it will focus its ambitions on crafting a sequel, which according to the company's chief, is already in the works.

It's going to take two to tango.
It's going to take two to tango.

According to a report from BigDownload, Zombie CEO Mark Long said there are no plans to offer downloadable content for the original besides bug-squashing updates. Additionally, he said Blacklight: Tango Down 2 (working title) will feature a slew of improvements over the original, including the addition of larger multiplayer environments and the incorporation of controllable "mech-like" vehicles.

As for the sequel's release schedule, the CEO said the successor is tentatively pegged to arrive next summer but did not specify platforms or price.

For more on the original, check out GameSpot's E3 2010 floor demo (embedded below) and a preview.

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