Black Ops III's Spectator Mode Makes You More Omniscient Than Ever

In the thick of it.


In Black Ops III, there's more information to digest, and more ways to do so.

Spectator Mode has long been a staple of eSports shooters, allowing players to examine player behaviors, map logistics, and team strategies without the distraction of actual combat. And with Treyarch paying even greater attention to eSports support than usual, new changes allow for more spectator options this time around.

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First off, spectators can bring up equipment widgets. These show the entire weapon and equipment loadout for the player being watched. During a live gameplay match on the Gamescom stage, demonstrators showed how the ability can inform players which items are being used frequently, by whom, at what points on the map.

Characters also show outlines for spectators to see them through walls, foreshadowing upcoming player encounters and possible flanking maneuvers. It gives a much more omniscient feeling to spectator mode, and gives a great sense of the action playing out across the map.

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