Black Ops II patch hits PS3

Update for Sony version of latest Call of Duty aimed at fixing lockup/freezing issues, though some still reporting headaches.


Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Activision has released a new patch for the PlayStation 3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops II, but it does not appear to have fixed what it set out to. Activision wrote in its support forums that it has launched an update aimed at fixing lockup/freezing issues, but also notes that some gamers are still experiencing the issues.

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"We are doing everything we can to get to the bottom of it as quickly as possible," the statement reads. No specific timetable was provided concerning when the new fix will be ready.

Separately, Activision also addressed issues Wii U users are reporting. The company told gamers who are experiencing lockups to make sure they have the most recent version of the game. To do this, Activision said players should make sure they have installed all patches and title updates before jumping in. These updates provide improvements to security and fixes for exploits and crashes and do not affect saved games.

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