Black Ops II adds Twitch support

Streaming video company partners with Activision to allow Call of Duty players to stream their multiplayer games worldwide; compatible only with Xbox 360 for now.


Call of Duty: Black Ops II

Streaming video company Twitch today announced a partnership with Activision that will allow Call of Duty: Black Ops II players to stream their multiplayer games to viewers worldwide.

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The feature is supported on the Xbox 360 version today, with compatibility for PlayStation 3 and PC versions of the game coming "soon." No mention was made of the Wii U version in today's announcement.

Black Ops II players with a Twitch account can begin streaming their games today and can share their stream through Twitter and Facebook.

In addition, Black Ops II streams can be viewed on Twitch through Web browsers, mobile, and tablets via Call of Duty: Elite. What's more, Elite members can also see the player card of the user who is streaming, allowing them to examine their class loadout, recent match data, and other career statistics.

Twitch is not the only live-streaming option available to Black Ops II gamers. Since launch in November, players have been able to stream their League Play games directly to YouTube.

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