Black Ops Declassified focused on multiplayer

Nihilistic CEO Robert Huebner says new Call of Duty for PS Vita not about "big campaign" or "huge cinematics," but rather "multiplayer essence."


The Call of Duty series has long been known for its sprawling campaigns and cinematic scenes, but upcoming PlayStation Vita game Call of Duty: Black Ops Declassified does not place the same emphasis on those ideas.

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Nihilistic Software's CEO Robert Huebner recently told the Activision-run One of Swords blog that though Declassified will leverage the design of past Call of Duty games, it will focus on multiplayer above all else.

"Declassified is not about the big campaign storyline and huge cinematics, it’s more focused on the multiplayer essence of Call of Duty and bringing that to a portable device as completely as possible," Huebner said.

Huebner added that Nihilistic's aim for Black Ops Declassified was not to design a game that fans would perceive as a port of a past or current Call of Duty title. Instead, the developer sought to craft a "tailored experience" for the PS Vita that delves into the history of memorable Black Ops characters like Frank Woods and Alex Mason.

Black Ops Declassified is due out on November 13 alongside Black Ops II for consoles and PC. It is the first Black Ops game to not include a Zombies mode.

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