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Black Ops 6 Dev Hopes Omnimovement System Becomes A Call Of Duty Standard

Not only that, but Treyarch's production director hopes other games might adopt the feature.


This year's Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 introduces, among other things, a new feature called "omnimovement," which allows players to sprint, jump, and dive in any direction. Treyarch production director Yale Miller said in an interview that he hopes this feature will become standard across Call of Duty games going forward. Miller also said it's a bigger hope for Treyarch that other studios embrace a similar kind of feature in their own games.

In a group interview attended by VGC, Miller said "time will tell" if the omnimovement system is enjoyed and embraced by players. "We think of it that way--if it's great, people are going to want it," Miller said.

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He added that people might find the feature appealing in part because it's based in reality, not fiction. "It's more actually making it capable for you as a player to do all the things that actual people can do," he said.

Miller went on to say that he expects people to find ways to exploit the omnimovement system, which is why he's excited for the Black Ops 6 beta to go live so people can try it out and Treyarch can gather feedback.

"It's our hope that it becomes a standard. I think if it's really good, it won't just become the standard for other Call of Duty games. Hopefully we do something, just like we play other games and go,' That's dope, we want to try that in our game, how can we put our spin on it?' We hope it's viewed that way as well," Miller said.

A scene from the Black Ops 6 campaign
A scene from the Black Ops 6 campaign

Black Ops 6 launches on October 25 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as PC. The campaign length is about as long as you'd expect, and no, it's not 300GB.

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