Black Ops 4’s Operation Grand Heist Adds Car Chases And A Gorilla, Now Available

Make your getaway plan.

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Now Playing: Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Operation Grand Heist Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is getting a big update, and it's coming to PS4 first this week. Operation Grand Heist adds new characters, outfits, maps, and a lot more. A lengthy trailer (above) sped through all the new content, but it's so jam-packed you could blink and miss something.

Grand Heist will bring back the Outrider Specialist, and introduce a new Blackout mode map called Ghost Town. Those who own the Black Ops Pass will also get two new multiplayer maps, Casino and Lockup, along with an exclusive Cosmic Silverback character for use in Blackout.

The trailer teases two new modes, called One in the Chamber and Hot Pursuit. It also promises that more outfits, weapons, vehicles, and camos are on the way. In the briefest flash, it also teases something happening with the Zombies mode as a ghoulish figure rushes the screen for a split-second.

Operation Grand Heist is coming to PS4 on February 19, with other platforms to follow after. Treyarch had previously teased this update alongside a double XP weekend and other special modes.

Black Ops 4 is a collection of three multiplayer modes--Competitive MP, Zombies, and the battle royale Blackout mode--and abandoned the series' traditional single-player campaign altogether. That won't be the case for this year's installment of the long-running series, though, as Activision has already confirmed that CoD 2019 will have a campaign. It's rumored to be Modern Warfare 4.

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Avatar image for bignoli

I don´t play Blackout anymore but will try this mode (at least the one new map for free) I won´t be paying for other two maps although it sounds good for big fans of this mode to do so.

Apex gave competition to all BR games, however, it still another BR free game, nothing else.

Most amount of players playing APEX, its due to it being free and somehow "good" (for a free game) makes them continue playing it . If they would charge money for APEX people wont be playing it. and rather would be just criticizing how they tried to get juice out of the BR millennial trend or how similar it looks to Blackout. Don t pretend you wouldn t.

I am just trying to make people come down to reality with this statement, if you like APEX its ok, don't be offended. Remember people even eat shit for fun, so anyone can have its own addiction I guess.

Something real though, Blackout is much better in many ways than APEX, Just graphics (which should not be the overall judgement of a game) to start with show the big difference.

I dont even mention Fortnite cause its clear its a Child game or in the kindergarden realm.

Have a nice day!

Avatar image for PETERAKO

When exactly are you gonna mention that loot boxes were snuck in the game?

Avatar image for hotwog21

I love withheld content and paying for it.

I love the illusion of finding 100 bots...errr i mean players to play with every single search.

Avatar image for dudebropartyyo

Looks like they are trying to cash in as much as possible before the total collapse

Avatar image for blablazer

Plus sneaking in lootboxes. 😁

Avatar image for jsprunk

So if Rockstar refuses to make GTA 6, I guess Treyarch will.

D's out for Harambe!

Avatar image for dashaka

Everyone has moved to Apex. Blackout has no chance.

If they want any kind of user base or cash flow, they’ll have to make (at least) Blackout Free To Play.

Avatar image for GinsuVictim

@dashaka: I consistently get 100 player lobbies in Blackout. It's doing fine. Some of us just prefer Blackout over other battle royales.

Avatar image for dashaka

@GinsuVictim: Just because it still has enough full lobbies doesn’t mean it’s making them money. The other BR games are dwarfing them in profit.

Glad people are still enjoying it though.

Avatar image for DARREN636

2 months late

Avatar image for navyguy21


Car chases in Battlefield?


Activision has lost its mind....

Avatar image for GinsuVictim

@navyguy21: CoD, not Battlefield. Battlefield already made Hardline a few years ago, which is cops vs criminals.

Avatar image for huss2215

I tried playing this game the other day and the population was scarce. Is the DLC separate or free for everyone? Because I can see that causing a separation for people as well. Then again I am playing it on PC not sure but I think consoles are more active.

Avatar image for DARREN636

@huss2215: full lobbies on PS4

Avatar image for LinconSixEcho

@huss2215: The last I heard, the DLC is still tied to the Season Pass which still separates the player base at the end of the day. What's worse is that players are required to buy the season pass with no option of a la carte. A lot of my friends who were playing BO4 at launch (at least 25 in my friend list on PS4) have now stopped playing almost altogether. Some went back to Fortnite, Overwatch or just single player games. In the past couple of weeks, I have seen a few of them playing Apex Legends (myself included).

I've always been a COD fan up until World War II and Black Ops 4, I played the betas and they just didn't feel like the COD games that I have known since 2007. I don't fault anyone who does enjoy the series still. I am actually hoping that the rumors of Modern Warfare 4 are true this year.

Avatar image for zanarkand008

@huss2215 Some of this dlc free, alot of it paid. PC player base is tiny, but even on consoles its not exactly setting the world a light. DO NOT BUY the season pass unless you like zombies. I only bought it for MP maps, they've only released 2 so far, we'd normally have 4 by now like a month back. They're adding 2 more maps tomorrow but it doesn't matter you won't be able to play them. I've seen the 2 dlc maps 8 times in 2 months. Noone owns the pass its a complete waste of money unless you like zombies I guess but I hate zombies. Stick to the basegame. If you have the season pass matchmaking becomes slower aswell trying to find the poor souls who bought it.

Avatar image for joecrowndoo

Bought the game stopped playing. Various reasons. Multiplayer Maps are the size of a 600 Sq Ft apartment. The worst is the gun sounds. ALL the Gun Sounds, are like a 6th grader practicing drumming on a piece of cardboard. Lazy game creators. A Ak-47 should sound like it and so on. So I watched this and Failure the Guns all still sound the same with no appeal to realistic sounds. UGH!

Avatar image for hotwog21


this leaves so much room for the illusion of amazing updates and the game evolving in front of the eyes of these younger gamers

Avatar image for fraga500

what the f

Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

It's been done, the sad thing is battlefield hard-line was a great game just lost with a poor identity, if only EA made that game with out having EA attached to the game wouldn't scare gamers off(yes it would be misleading but at least people could hate in one direction while one breathes in a new direction, hopefully not sucomming to Blizzards dangerous reach) because black ops battle royales a wild pony lost in the psyche of those eager to boost their channel or to look cool (because who knew a fan was purposely purposeless) because the markets gone, it's just a Pavlova cake with different marketing and fans of all ages unable to see the bottom layers because it's those bottom layers your eating straight to the top.

What you hated years ago you should be hating now but who am I to say I hardly play games much.

Avatar image for spartanx169x

@lorddaggeroff: I think what hurt Hardline the most was its launch so close to disastrous launch of BF4. Lots of people felt burned by EA because of how unplayable BF4 was at launch. They did eventually make it into a great game, but the damage was already done. Blood Money and Hotwire are great gamemodes that are a good break from conquest and domination. Its sad it got such a raw deal because of BF4.

Avatar image for GinsuVictim

@spartanx169x: ...and yet Battlefield 4 went on to be the best of the series.

Avatar image for spartanx169x

@GinsuVictim: They did make it a great game. I put 120 hrs into it. I played Obliteration almost exclusively and the big naval gametype where you had to board and blow up the enemy's ship. Those two gametypes really set the game apart. But for me BF1 is just as good , just different. I do miss those gametypes from BF1.

Avatar image for GinsuVictim

@spartanx169x: I have tried several times to getting into BF1 and BFV, but there's just something about the aiming I don't like. I've worked hard to tweak it to my liking, but can't get it to feel as good as BF4 does.